Wearable Towel Makes A Big Splash on Television News and Internet Commentary

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Why Is a Towel Being Featured in The Washington Post, America Online and on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show?

Wearable Towel

People like products that are simple, affordable and suit an immediate purpose

Convenience trends are never easy to follow and with the Internet and reality television consuming so much media attention there is even less certainty. So how can one explain the overwhelming popularity of a towel with three arm openings? The concept of the Wearable Towel is rather simple but its ingenuity and the company's creative marketing campaign has captured the attention innumerable media outlets. How else can one explain individual news outlets showcasing the Wearable Towel, complete with photos and excerpts from its parodying commercial in such prestigious newspapers as The Washington Post (where its staffers posed for an editorial wearing the towels), USA Today and New York Daily News; in lifestyle magazines Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan and Glamour; on national television networks including ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX, and on reputable shows like MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show and Fox News' Fox & Friends. AOL's home page rated The Wearable Towel "5 out of 5" as one of it's 'we try it before you buy it' as-seen on TV products, and if that wasn't enough, Popular Mechanics even conducted their own lab test on the Wearable Towel.

Famed billionaire Warren Buffett's Business Wireplaced The Wearable Towel as one of its top ten Smart Marketing Pages, next to prestigious companies such as Puma, Fantaand Crocs. Forbes.com, Reuters, and Yahoo! Buzz have also put the Wearable Towel on their favorite's lists. Rick Dees from his nationally syndicated radio show wore the towel during a staff meeting and sent a personal thank you note. Radio morning shows have covered the Wearable Towel on stations from Los Angeles' Kiss 107 FM to New York's Z100 and local news in Dallas, Miami, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego and Detroit.

So what is so captivating about a simple towel?

"People like products that are simple, affordable and suit an immediate purpose," says Wearable Towel designer Ariel Raphael Stein. "Who hasn't gotten out of the shower and had to run and answer a phone call or move something off the stove in the kitchen? Who wants to put on clothes when you are still wet or deal with a heavy awkward robe?"

"No one!" answers Stein. "People are raving about the Wearable Towel because it's both simple and incredibly useful. It's the newest product where people are saying 'Man, why didn't I think of that!'"

Stein goes on to explain, "People relate to simple everyday tasks and are always looking for easier, more effective and comfortable ways to complete daily chores and recreational activities. Everyone uses a towel in some way for at least part their day and we at Wearable Towel have come up with a way to make the towel convenient and multi-functional, while not impinging on the autonomy of the towel's intended use, and as Martha Stewart would say, 'And that's a good thing!'"

For more information on Wearable Towel go to wearabletowel.com or wearabletowelsightings.com

The Wearable Towel is imported directly from the Denizli region of Turkey, is ultra absorbent and first-class in quality. The Wearable Towel is unisex and can be worn in either a tunic style or a toga style. What is totally amazing about the Wearable Towel is that with only three arm openings placed along the side of the towel, you can stay confidently, completely, comfortably, covered, while having the freedom to use your hands. So whether you're at home, the spa, by the pool or at the beach, you can wear it, change in it, lay on it or just use it to dry off. Other modifications of the towel are well known. However, all of these towels either use buttons, straps or fasteners to keep the towel from falling off one's body. The Wearable Towel on the other hand, does not employ the use of any fastener whatsoever. This novel configuration is patent-pending worldwide, currently available in five sizes and comes in red, white and blue. The Wearable Towel is 100% cotton, with each square yard weighing a full 16 ounces. Increase your standard of living by upgrading to the Wearable Towel today.


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