Michael Brittingham Dedicates Release of New Epic Poem to Michael Jackson and Barack Obama

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Artist, poet and entrepreneur Michael Brittingham™, announces the worldwide release of his new epic poem; 'I am deep inside of you... How to make love with life and die laughing' and is dedicating it to his 'spiritual brother Michael Jackson, with whom I shared the values of life, love and laughter', and to President Barack Obama in support of his deserving to be the Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Michael Louis Brittingham

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Mr. Brittingham, is already a somewhat controversial figure after announcing in September, the proposed formation of the Michael Jackson™ Museum Foundation© to purchase a historic property in Beverly Hills, California, and to secure permissions from the Jackson family, the executors of The Michael Jackson Estate™, the City of Beverly Hills, and the court, to house The Michael Jackson Collection and Memorabilia™.

The MJ Museum Project is a 'work in process', according to Brittingham, 'and requires careful, transparent deliberation, in gathering together the right people, resources, permissions, and all of the other vital components necessary to answer the question; How to create a concrete, viable solution of what to do with the collections and memorabilia of Michael Jackson? According to Brittingham; 'There is an answer to this question... and this is it!'

Brittingham further states that 'because this proposed, non-profit museum foundation shall be a non-commercial activity, and does not solicit nor accept donations or contributions of any kind, I am using the personal commerce vehicle of selling my new epic poem worldwide, in order to maximize my personal effectiveness, and see to it that this noble project gets done, and gets done in the right way - concretely and transparently.' The project has garnered a worldwide base of supporters in just seven weeks. See: anchor text

American President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, a stunning decision that came approximately nine months into his presidency. Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee said it honored Obama for his 'extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.'

The decision appeared to catch many people worldwide by surprise. Not so Brittingham; 'To really understand our diverse world, you have to seek opinions from everyone and everywhere. Then you have to act with deliberation, taking into consideration all of the self-interests, and the differences of every party affected by your choice of words and actions. From the very beginning, Obama has done this. He deserves this Nobel Peace Prize for WHO he is, how he thinks, how he acts, in the worldwide arena in the pursuit of peace and harmony among its people. My new poem is dedicated to the man - Barack Obama.'

Michael's epic poem directly speaks to the values of peace, life, love and laughter, and according to Brittingham, 'is another brick in the wall of peace and harmony among men and women living together on this planet'. Brittingham shares 'the life, love and laughter values and principles of the late Michael Jackson', and also supports the 'very deserving Barack Obama in being named as the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner'. Brittingham goes on to say 'Michael Jackson, Obama and I, all share principles that basically state that we are all in this together, and that we should achieve by constructive engagement, an atmosphere of common-interest-cooperation among friends and adversaries alike - from all over the world'. Brittingham believes that 'In this method of diplomatic dialogue, we can approach an ideal of lasting peace in the world. Peace on earth, which all men of every era have most eagerly yearned for, can be firmly established and sustained only if we give it a chance! What we need now in the world is - co-existence without conflict.'

Here is an excerpt from the Epic Poem: 'I am deep inside of you... How to make love with life and die laughing!' anchor text

'For many lonely years I've wandered around, I was searching for a peace that was never to be found. Still I believed in it, I knew it had to be there, I knew all of the talk wasn't just hot air. I looked deep into the eyes of the one who should know, I am getting a bit weary, knowing that soon I have to go. I want some real answers and I want them right now, like; Why is it so hard? And who are you anyhow?'

'I thought I had learned every bit of the wisdom, to embody the truth, and help build the kingdom. Then suddenly I feel a soft tap upon my shoulder, it happens in a flash and I know that I am older. Then with a whisper a voice enters my ear, saying you've done well my son and have nothing to fear. Just give-out the rest of your life, love and laughter, And the secret you've sought, will be found in the hereafter.'

'The warmth and the kindness that springs from your soul, will show the path to others, and that is your goal. Today you are called upon to give all of this away, so do it like a man, smile... and do it with joy. And remember the day when a wise little boy, wrote a poem on the spot and showed off his new toy… So I'm sending this aloft to move the heart of a friend, hoping it's a beginning... and not just the end.' anchor text

© Copyright 2009 by Michael Louis Brittingham™ All Rights Reserved.
Contact: Michael Louis Brittingham, USA: 1-215-975-6113 anchor text

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