Ancient Drumming Technique Inspires New Dance Method Now Available On DVD

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ZeDiamond Dance Method releases their first in a series of fail-safe, learn to dance DVD'S - Learn the East Coast Swing. For many beginner dancers, there is a struggle, not only with remembering steps, but with learning basic rhythm patterns. This new method teaches dancers to feel the rhythm in music before learning the steps. This new style of instruction has it's origin in how indigenous people learn to drum. The creators are Deborah-Marie Diamond, a master teacher of the performing and healing arts, and Zeki Maviyildiz, a renowned ballroom dancer. See a video demonstration of the method at

ZeDiamond Dance Method releases their first in a series of dance DVD'S - How to learn the East Coast Swing in a Whole New Way. ZeDiamond Dance Method is a revolutionary new way to learn dance. The method is based in an ancient way of teaching rhythm that gets people dancing with the music right from the beginning! Nonsense syllables are the way drummers have communicated rhythm for centuries. ZeDiamond Dance Method uses syllables also instead of counting aloud to teach dance rhythms.

Creators of ZeDiamond Dance Method are Deborah-Marie Diamond and Zeki Maviyildiz. Deborah-Marie Diamond M.A. is a master Teacher of the performing and healing arts, a drummer, and a dancer in Asheville, North Carolina. Zeki Maviyildiz is a renowned ballroom dancer and instructor in Asheville, North Carolina. He is a member of the Duke University Ballroom Dance Team and is a world famous Turkish Folk Dancer.

"We created ZeDiamond Dance Method for people who can't dance, have trouble with rhythm, want to learn dance, or have had a terrible time at dance class." said creator, Deborah-Marie Diamond. "It will also help you improve your relationship skills, heighten your consciousness, and quiet your mind."

"Not only have the DVD's debuted today, but our website also went live, as well as discussion groups, blogs, Twitter and face book feeds." comments Marketing Assistant, Amy Barnes. "We are opening up a dialog for dancers. Not only will we discuss dance steps, we are also opening up to conversations about musical timing, rhythm, and alternative ways to teach and learn dance."

Visit ZeDiamond Dance Method online at

Dancers and instructors who have experienced the ZeDiamond Dance Method have the following rave reviews:

"If you have trouble with rhythm, don't leave without ZeDiamond Dance Method DVD." Bob Mitchell, Adjudicator and Grand Master of Ballroom Dance.

"The boom a boom facilitates not thinking... and being in the present moment." Maya Rios, Warren Wilson College

"A truly unique teaching technique that engages the body and heart... Learning to dance has never been more relaxing or memorable. This is one method you'll want to share with everyone you know--even strangers on the street! Be the envy of the party in no time flat--this way of learning REALLY works, fast!" Aja Mutzl, Swing Dancer and Life Coach

"It is a way to really learn how to dance, instead of not learning how to dance." Asa Jean, Warren Wilson College

With this 2 DVD set, new dancers participate with a class that has only beginner dancers. Dance along with a live class of Warren Wilson College Students who had never danced this new method. The students and the instructors did not hold rehearsals. A camera crew just filmed the class as it happened. The students ask questions and learn right along with the new dancers at home.

This 2 DVD set is packed with 90 minutes of dancing and instruction. New dancers will learn the basics of East Coast Swing in a whole way.

Plus, it's fail safe. Having the non-sense syllables makes it easier to learn the moves, so new dancers will be on the dance floor quickly while enjoying themselves and the music.

New Release Special Price Only $29.99 Plus shipping and handling. View a video introducing ZeDiamond Dance Method at


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