Electric Transportation Advocate Launches Web site to Promote Green Scooters

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Founder of ElectricScooterVille.com, Clint Mart, created an online business to promote and distribute a variety of electric-powered bicycles, scooters, mopeds and ATVs to a global market. Great for campus travel, short commutes and errands, these environmental friendly transporters provide an endless supply of rechargeable battery life. Visit the site's new blog to learn more about green transportation.

Electric vehicles are part of the future. They're quiet, clean, inexpensive and very low maintenance; they don't run on oil or gas and are great for every facet of life

Clint Mart is one step ahead of the curve when it comes to traveling with ease and comfort without contributing to environmental pollution. He is a proactive voice of green living as he encourages others to reduce their carbon footprint by supporting the use of electric-powered transportation.

"Electric vehicles are part of the future. They're quiet, clean, inexpensive and very low maintenance; they don't run on oil or gas and are great for every facet of life," Mart said.

In an effort to promote electric motor and battery powered vehicles, he transformed his ideals into a prosperous online business, http://www.ElectricScooterVille.com, in September of 2009. Here green living enthusiasts and other customers can browse through an exciting selection of electric-powered transportation options that are all equipped with the latest technological advancements and backed by an Xtreme Scooter warranty.

The electric bicycle is available in many varieties including two models that even look like regular bikes and one model that can be easily folded for convenient travel and transportation. Every design adheres to the federal bicycle regulation HR727, which allows the cyclist to travel in bike lanes and on bike paths and can be operated without any form of driver's license or registration.

The electric scooter is also in compliance with this law; it's allowed in bicycle lanes and paths in most jurisdictions and doesn't require a driver's license. Great for kids and adults, it can be used to perform a variety of tricks. Best of all they are quiet and won't disturb the neighbors (or you). Many have an optional seat that is easily installed or removed.

The electric mobility scooter has proven to be Mart's favorite vehicle because of the superior mobility it has provided his wife, Sylvia, who is a Polio survivor. This revolutionary new design is for a person who can't walk any distance but is healthy and active. The XB420M scooter is unlike most other mobility scooters that can only get around on firm, smooth surfaces. This model can easily travel across four to six inches of thick grass, through gravel, dirt and rough surfaces without slowing or getting stuck. Set on three large pneumatic wheels, it features an adjustable captain's chair, side mirrors, turn signals, a horn and storage compartments. This stable mobility scooter can safely and securely travel up to 15 mph and 20-25 miles between charges.

The line of electric mopeds certainly shows the latest technology in electric vehicles. This swift and safe ride can travel up to 65 mph and has a range or of up to 85 miles between charges. They comfortably seat two adults and are superb commute vehicles. They have a low center of gravity and they eliminate the hassles of oil changes, fueling spills and smells; in general, they're very low maintenance.

The electric ATV, available in two models, is a great transportation resource for hunting, construction sites or general play. Each vehicle is quiet, low maintenance and doesn't cost much to operate.

Many of these products have been featured on NBC and ABC news and will be discussed in further detail on Mart's new interactive blog, http://www.ElectricCycle-ScooterReview.com. Here customers can also read about how each of these electric vehicles is adaptable to businesses, the engineering behind the motor and batteries, green transportation and how federal bike laws allow such electric vehicles to be included in their regulation.

Every electric vehicle at ElectricScooterVille.com is an excellent option for commuters, large campuses, industrial complexes, running errands, recreation and family fun. They are dedicated to providing quality and affordable products matched with professional service.

About the Company:
ElectricScooterVille.com is owned and operated by electric-transportation enthusiasts Clint Mart and his wife, Sylvia. Mart has more than 40 years of retail and service business experience. He has worked in sales and service of motor scooters, motorcycles and four-wheel vehicles. He and his family (3 generations) have built, restored, sold, serviced, raced and promoted both two and four-wheeled motor vehicle events.

Clint Mart
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