Musical Mystery Band Re-creates the Sound of Yesterday's Beatles to the Delight of Fans -- Yeah Yeah Yeah

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They will not reveal their names or where they're from. Why? Because it's not about them. It's about the music. The Beatles music. This mystery band was inspired to re-create the essential sound of the Fab Four as well as pen new Beatle-esque songs. Have they succeeded? Fans can decide for themselves by visiting

John Lennon was shot and killed Monday, Dec. 8, 1980. He was 40 years old. For millions of his fans, it was the day the music died. There would be no new Beatles songs. No hope for a reunion. No more John, Paul, George and Ringo. But one of the band's life-long fans had an epiphany.

"Why not try to write new songs in the genre of The Beatles, and hire Beatle vocal impersonators to sing them?" he asked himself. "Wouldn't this be the next best thing to an actual Beatles reunion?"

The vision, summarized by the catch-phrase "New Music With a Familiar Sound," would ultimately lead to the writing and recording of dozens of new songs as well as the launch of a Web site called But the task was daunting.

"The quality of the Beatles music is unparalleled, and their vocals were unique and wonderful," explained Liverpool Dreams band members. "Nobody can re-create the actual magic and chemistry of their music."

There would be many challenges along the way, among them: Writing music in a style of worthy of The Beatles, finding just the right musicians and vocalists to pull it off and overcoming the considerable obstacle that the project would not be supported by a major recording label. And then there was the fact that these dedicated fans wanted to remain anonymous and let the music succeed on its own.

But the effort was worth it.

The mystery band put it this way: "If people get to hear the music, they usually fall in love with it, even if they are not Beatles fans, which was surprising. Even young people seem to like the Liverpool Dreams songs."

They also noted that, "This entire thing has been a life-changing experience."

The story is inspiring in and of itself and becomes even more so as fans learn that the dream became a reality while the writer of Liverpool Dreams music was battling cancer: "I decided to create Liverpool Dreams when I did -- as an expression of my love for the music and legacy of The Beatles -- before I died, so that my children and all Beatles fans would be able to hear others follow in their footsteps and create music in the wonderful genre that they created."

The initial Liverpool Dreams album, "Jamrun," was dedicated as a tribute to The Beatles. It was completed in 2008 and contains 21 originals songs. A soon-to-be-released second album titled "Monkey Tango" is currently being recorded in the studio and will also feature Beatle-esque tunes.

"We attempt to re-create some of the magic of the Beatles music, and whether we succeed, is something for Beatles fans to decide," said the magical musical mystery band members. "We hope we are worthy."

Have they succeeded? Fans can decide for themselves by visiting


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