Game-Changing Results Show that Personalized Brain Training is More Effective Than Challenging Games

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Study is Consistent with Previous Findings that Show CogniFit Personal Coach is a Better Way to Improve Cognitive Abilities

This research provides further proof that brain fitness training which is based on the latest neuroscientific evidence works, and it works better than random but challenging activities to develop the full range of cognitive abilities

CogniFitâ„¢, Inc., a leading maker of Brain Fitness Software (, announced additional findings of a study about the effectiveness of brain training programs. Independent researchers and CogniFit scientists compared the improvement in cognitive abilities among people who used mentally-stimulating online games and puzzles to a personalized brain fitness training program. They found that elderly subjects had greater cognitive improvement using CogniFit's targeted brain training program than a group who used challenging, classic computer games. These results, which were released at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease in Chicago, were consistent with findings from the same group of subjects which used a different assessment technique.

"This research provides further proof that brain fitness training which is based on the latest neuroscientific evidence works, and it works better than random but challenging activities to develop the full range of cognitive abilities," said Evelyn Shatil, Head of Cognitive Science at CogniFit. "Cognitive impairment has a huge impact on the quality of people's lives as they age, so these findings are great news."

The brain fitness industry is showing rapid growth following recent scientific discoveries about brain plasticity. Brain plasticity refers to the brain's ability to create new connections in response to mental stimulation, even among the elderly. While several companies have developed brain fitness programs to help people improve their memory and other cognitive skills, only CogniFit products have personalized training for those skills that are most important and most in need of development. Today, there is increasing evidence that verifies the effectiveness of scientifically-developed brain fitness software. This study from CogniFit shows that brain training which is personalized to the needs and skill levels of an individual can offer greater cognitive benefits than challenging, classic computer games.

The study, which was conducted under the guidance of a team of independent experts and scientists, compared the progress of two randomized groups with a total of 89 volunteers. A control group used computer games such as Tetris, Labyrinth and Memory-Pairs. A second group used CogniFit Personal Coach. The volunteers were assigned computerized practice at home, three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each session over a three-month period. Cognitive abilities were assessed, using CogniFit's comprehensive cognitive assessment program, at the beginning of the sessions and at the end of three months. In the end, all groups showed some improvement. However, people who used CogniFit Personal Coach improved notably in eight abilities while the computer games group improved in two. The amount of change with CogniFit was significantly different than the games group in Auditory Short-Term Memory, Eye Hand General Coordination, General Memory, Naming, Shifting, Spatial Perception, Time Estimation, and Visual Perception.

Unlike challenging, classic games, CogniFit Personal Coach tailors cognitive training to meet the specific needs of individuals and adjusts the difficulty of the exercises during training. As a result, people using CogniFit experience mental stimulation that is challenging enough to improve their abilities, but not so challenging that they become frustrated. As their skills improve, the training evolves. CogniFit Personal Coach assesses and trains fourteen of the most important cognitive functions to everyday life, including Focused Attention, Visual Spatial Memory, Mental Flexibility and Executive Functions.

About CogniFit

CogniFit brain fitness programs provide an initial baseline assessment of the cognitive abilities that are most affected by aging, before creating personalized training programs. No two training programs are the same. Based on more than 30 years of neuro-scientific research, CogniFit's scientifically validated, patented brain fitness programs are personalized to each user's skills and needs to help enhance their cognitive performance and health.

Shlomo Breznitz, PhD, founded CogniFit in 1999 with the goal of using the latest cognitive research to help people of all ages maintain and improve their quality of life through brain fitness assessment and training. Prof. Breznitz has had a long and distinguished academic career and has been at the forefront of cognitive training using a personal computer. CogniFit offers training programs for a wide range of cognitive skills needed for everyday functioning, as well as cognitive skills needed for specific activities such as driving.

The company also offers its training through selected partners including Catalyst Partners and Young Drivers of Canada. To learn more about CogniFit, please visit the website at

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