Free Live Web-Televised Wild Attraction Seminar on the Energetics of Extraordinary Relationship Nov. 12, 5pm PST

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Join Paul and Patricia Richards, founders of the Senté Center for Energetic Studies in Ashland, OR, and authors of Wild Attraction: A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship, for a revolutionary approach to the age-old questions of love, sex and attracting a mate on Thursday, November 12, at 5pm PST. Enroll at

To celebrate the release of their new book Wild Attraction: A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship (Chelsion Press/ $16.95), international lecturers Paul and Patricia Richards are pleased to offer a free Web-Televised Seminar on the Energetics of Extraordinary Relationship today at 5pm PST. Those who would like to attend can visit to enroll.

Attendees of the Wild Attraction seminar will:

  • Become a better candidate for Extraordinary Relationship
  • Learn the basics of your energy system and its capacity to enhance or inhabit communication in relationship
  • Discover practical ways to turn the force of attraction 'on' in your life
  • Understand how the signals you send in energy either entice you to choose unsuitable partners or help you attract healthy mates
  • Learn ways to keep passion and charge alive in your long term relationship

This free seminar celebrates the release of Paul and Patricia Richard's book Wild Attraction: A Ruthlessly Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationship in which the Richards turn wisdom on its head and explore a previously unacknowledged force that can make or break our relationships. As founders of the Senté Center for Energetic Studies (est. 1992), they draw from their respective backgrounds in martial arts and medicine to offer a stunning new relationship model that provides the “missing link” to finding and keeping lifelong love—Energy.

Written for singles and couples, Wild Attraction presents 59 concise “Energetic Facts of Life” that address the almost universally neglected effects of subtle energy on the process of intimacy and healthy relationships. Weaving in their personal story of extraordinary love and their two decades of experience training others in this model, the Richards portray relationship not merely as a source of individual gratification but as the most fundamental force available to the human race for collective betterment.

According to the Richards, “Western culture’s entire arsenal of relationship skills deals only with physical and psychological factors associated with sex and romance, failing to equip us with the knowledge we need the most which is this: Relationship is largely created or destroyed in the realm of Energy.”

Gathered on the pages of Wild Attraction are the Richards’ most powerful proven insights, tools and exercises, including:

  • How to speak the real language of love that forms the fabric of male-female interaction
  • How to attract great, healthy relationships and avoid “unsafe” and “unaware” partners
  • How to tap into your “body of love” that is capable of a sexuality beyond your wildest dreams
  • The six stages of relationship and five criteria to look for when choosing a partner
  • 19 romantic power rituals that keep passion and charge alive
  • A new view of relationship communication, including five essential messages to give to your partner daily

Paul Richards explains, “People I meet every day are chronically underestimating Energy’s vital role in love, attraction and sexuality. If men and women could see, as Patty and I do, the negative effects of Energy when it is transferred between lovers who are unsafe for each other, many people might turn away from today’s casual, indiscriminate sex and battle-of-the-sexes relationships. And if people understood the wonder of intelligently managed relationship Energetics, their sex and relationship lives could become immeasurably more transformative, consistently wild and fulfilling.”

Wild Attraction snaps you out of preconceived notions of romantic love and catapults you into a world of intelligent and transformational intimacy that works. It illuminates the mystery of love, the challenges of finding it, and provides original and insightful advice for how to keep it.

About the authors
Paul and Patricia Richards are pioneers in the rapidly developing field of Energetic Seeing. They are highly sought after consultants and trainers in energetic perception (Seeing) and its practical application in human health, personal empowerment, and relationship. After successful careers in aerospace and medicine they founded the Senté Center for Energetic Studies (est. 1992), a private, innovative training facility that promotes the understanding of the human energy system and the role of “non-ordinary” Energy in everyday life. Many business professionals, couples and individuals worldwide have privately trained with the Richards. They are now making their popular workshops and trainings available via books, tele-conferences, and public lectures. Paul and Patricia Richards reside in Ashland, OR, and Tauranga, New Zealand. For more information please visit


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