Women Flocking to Nexifirm Neck Cream for Proven Age-Defying Results

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Dermagevity's (a leading cosmeceutical company) launch of a brand new skincare line called Nexifirm is currently dominating the wrinkle cream cosmetics market by using PROVEN ingredient complexes that show results fast, and that don't cause any known, adverse side effects.

Dermagevity - the leader in all-natural and proven skincare products - is enjoying a steadfast place within the wrinkle cream market for not only designing and researching best-selling products that are PROVEN anti-wrinkle creams - like their award-winning wrinkle cream, Skinlastin, but now they are once again taking the cosmeceutical market by storm with their newest innovation: Nexifirm. This newer wrinkle cream is an upper body-specific, neck-toning, firming and anti-wrinkle cream that backs its performance with scientific proof.

In a cosmetics market that is adorned with a wide array of different wrinkle creams that all promise to benefit the facial areas of the body, there are very few anti-wrinkle creams that actually are specifically designed to treat the neck areas, or the upper body areas effectively. While consumers have many options to choose from when it comes to wrinkle creams, the fact of the matter is that the options are rather scarce with regards to neck-specific wrinkle creams, like Nexifirm.

When asked why Dermagevity decided to focus its next big product launch on the upper areas of the body, like the neck, with a revolutionary wrinkle cream like Nexifirm, their spokesperson, Carey Harrison, makes perfect sense of the company's bold decision to go with a neck cream, in an already cluttered wrinkle cream market that is inundated with a plethora of choices for consumers seeking effective and affordable, anti-aging products.

"There are some people who may be wondering why we (Dermagevity) decided to shift our focus to neck wrinkle creams for our next amazing product breakthrough," Harrison says. "The answer is simple: we already offer the world's best wrinkle cream (Skinlastin). But now it is time for our same loyal customers to now enjoy the speedy results and benefits of the world's best neck-firming, toning and anti-wrinkle cream, with all new Nexifirm!"

When taking a look at the clinical studies and trials that were conducted on the key, proprietary ingredient complexes that are contained within Nexifirm, the results speak for themselves.

Specifically within the primary ingredients.

As cited from the clinical studies, "Aquaxyl (Xylitylglucoside, Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol) is a naturally-derived ingredient from the sugars found in wheat and wood cellulose. It has been shown to dramatically improve the epidermal water content by increasing the skin's dermal water reservoirs (GAGs: glycosaminoglycans). Stimulation of GAGs synthesis (hyaluronic acid and chondroitine sulphate) on fibroblasts is significant. Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is decreased as well. It also shows improvement of the barrier function increasing ceramide synthesis. The effects are show to be immediate and long-term."

This neck wrinkle cream is also able to show phenomenal results by using other PROVEN ingredients, such as ADIPOSLIMâ„¢.

The clinical studies for this 'wonder' complex also speak for themselves, as the clinical trials cite.

"ADIPOSLIMâ„¢ simultaneously restricts and eliminates the storage of fats in the adipocytes by inhibiting free fatty acid production and stimulating lipolysis, which recycles these free fatty acids into energy. The product reduces existing cellulite in just a month with visible improvement demonstrated in vivo versus placebo. In terms of efficacy, it is as efficient as caffeine for the lipolytic action; however, ADIPOSLIMâ„¢ is easier to use informulation and offers the advantage of avoiding triglyceride reformation."

According to Harrison, Nexifirm literally is a product that sells itself.

"With the vast successes that Dermagevity has enjoyed with our amazing wrinkle cream (Skinlastin), we felt that it was high time that we offered the world the next great thing in cosmetics: A neck cream that actually tones, firms, and reduces wrinkles in that particular area of the body - one that many woman tend to notice the most when they are choosing their outfit selections for the day," Harrison says.

Nexifirm neck cream works by harnessing the power of hyaluronic acid to stimulate cell production and improve skin texture and tone, as well as incorporating squalane and cetearyl alcohol to improve skin suppleness and hydration.

It also utilizes lauroyl proline to strengthen tissues and stimulate skin regeneration, enhancing the firmness and elasticity of the skin. And, the formula also includes aquaxyl to prevent moisture loss, increase water reserves and restructure the skin.

When used as directed on the packaging - and in combination with daily hygiene and cleansing regimes - most people will see noticeable results from Nexifirm within a few short weeks.

To learn more about Nexifirm visit them online at: http://www.Nexifirm.com.

About Nexifirm:

  •     Developed by Dermagevity Skin Care--a leading cosmeceutical company
  •     Nexifirm is a scientifically-formulated cream made especially for the thin and wrinkle-prone skin in the neck area
  •     Nexifirm offers a way to effectively combat the various problems that tend to occur in this area as we age
  •     Formulated using a number of lab-tested and scientifically-proven ingredients
  •     Harnesses the power of Hyaluronic acid to stimulate cell production and improve skin texture and tone, as well as incorporating squalane and cetearyl alcohol to improve skin suppleness and hydration
  •     Utilizes Lauroyl Proline to strengthen tissues and stimulate skin regeneration, enhancing the firmness and elasticity of skin
  •     Formula includes Aquaxyl to prevent moisture loss, increase water reserves, and restructure the skin
  •     You can visit them online at http://www.Nexifirm.com


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