Reports Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Trends Attributed to Sluggish Economy

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In Today's economy, everyone is struggling to increase revenue. Many are forced online to make up shortfalls elsewhere.

Everyone is always looking to make an extra dollar. The sluggish economy has just pushed businesses to look outside the proverbial box. reports an increase in businesses looking for help with internet marketing. The sluggish economy seems to be the primary factor. As the economy continues to stagnate, businesses are looking for every avenue of opportunity to increase sales.

“We are seeing tremendous growth and interest in our services,” says Nathan Sokol, President of Marketing for, an SEO - Search Engine Optimization Consultant Firm outside Cleveland Ohio. “Many of our customers have felt the pinch from sluggish sales, and are looking to create market share by expanding beyond local communities. Currently we are working on promoting everything from Inflatable Rafts and Inflatable Boats, to New York Injury Lawyers and Elliptical Trainers. It seems there is a successful niche waiting for any product or service that can generate income.”

When asked if he thinks this is a trend related directly to the sluggish economy, Nathan is quick to say that, “Everyone is looking to make an extra dollar. The sluggish economy has just pushed businesses to look outside the proverbial box. Eventually, the market for online sales will reach a point where the competition is so intense, only those that really know what they are doing will see worthwhile results.” At this point, results can be achieved in many industries without too much effort, but that is beginning to change. There are more people learning the ins and outs of internet marketing, which is crowding the field.”

When asked about the industry in general, Nathan said, “There is a tremendous amount of fraud in this industry. Although you may see moderate results from cut rate services to begin with, many of our clients come to us after suffering the loss of thousands of dollars, and frustrating experiences with so called ‘Search Engine Optimization Experts’. Most of those offering discount services and guaranteed results are inexperienced at best, and crooked at worst. You’ve got to be careful out there. On the other hand, you may find expensive services that cannot achieve results either. Search Engine Optimization is an easily understood skill, It is not necessary to break the bank to be successful, but in some markets you need to really know what you are doing to succeed.

Internet Marketing is not for everybody. “We actually tell some potential clients to hold onto their money, if the niche does not seem profitable. Everyone can learn to implement the basics. As a matter of fact, 90% of what we do can be explained in a few hours. It is the 10% that gets a business to the top in highly competitive markets.”

When asked for the most important factor to achieves results, he is quick to say that there is no real one factor. “Aside from link building from quality websites, with a healthy dose of targeted anchor text, I would certainly recommend blogging. The Search Engines love fresh content. It is important to feed them fresh news on a constant basis.” With a chuckle he adds, “But you cannot discount on page optimization either. It is the easiest part of Search Engine Optimization.”


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