United Church of God Opens Online Literature Library to Help Spread Gospel About Kingdom of God

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The true mission of United Church of God is dual-focused. The first concern is that of spreading the word of Jesus Christ to the people of the world, and the second is teaching the truth in a way that can be appreciated and understood. Through its new Literature Library, United Church of God makes its magazines, newspapers and teaching materials available for free download or in printed copy. Through this endeavor, the Church hopes to provide to all worshipers easy-to-understand information about the kingdom of heaven and specific references to bible scriptures for studies.

Christians agree that the Bible holds the keys to life’s mysteries

Milford, Ohio, December, 2009 – The United Church of God has a daunting mission: to preach the word of Christ to the world, and to insure that the preachings are shared in ways that are understandable and appreciated. Through its new, free online Literature Library, the Church spreads the word in such a way that people are enlightened and their spirits are lifted. The theme of Jesus’ message revolves around the kingdom of god and its splendor and glory, and the available literature allows worshippers to further their studies with ease from home.

The Church takes teaching about the kingdom of heaven as a privilege rather than an obligation, as it has gone to great lengths to provide free Bible study lessons and numerous publications through its online Literature Library. This alone has been a wonderful asset for the Church as well as for the people of the world. For learning about the kingdom of god no longer has to be an overwhelming task; now one can simply visit the Church’s website and download the free online Bible study lessons or any one of the countless books or e-magazines. Although the teachings will cover various topics, they will always come back to the major theme of the kingdom of heaven.

There are age-old questions regarding heaven and the kingdom of god; most of which focus on whether the kingdom of god will exist on earth or in heaven itself. Although this question, like many others, is covered in Biblical Scripture, finding the answer to it without help can be difficult.

The United Church of God provides in-depth explanations and details of various scriptures that relate to the kingdom of heaven. Different references to the kingdom of god are described in easy-to-understand depictions which clearly illustrate that the concept of the kingdom of god was prepared for us long before Jesus Christ and His earthly ministry.

Even so, Jesus’ teachings revealed truths about the kingdom of heaven that were not understood from the Old Testament prophecies. One of the vital truths revealed was that thousands of years would separate His first coming from His return, which will bring the establishment of the incredible kingdom of God. By creating easy-to-understand Bible lessons about this topic, the United Church of God is helping hundreds of thousands of people to more clearly understand it and other aspects of the Bible.

Although the United Church of God has a tremendous task before it, the Church has willingly and proudly accepted the challenge to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and His teachings about the kingdom of heaven to people in all nations around the world. The Church offers free online Bible study courses that assist in easier comprehension about numerous issues covered in the Bible, including the kingdom of god and Jesus’ return.


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