Recording Artist Rodger Collins Lets the Cat Out the Bag

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As outspoken recording star Rodger Collins prepares to release the tune "Cat's Out The Bag," he is pointing a finger at public education officials, corporate big wigs and corrupt government officials

Fans of Oldies radio enjoy Rodger Collins blasts from the past like She's Lookin' Good, Foxy Girls in Oakland and Sexy Sugar Plum.

Today, the socially-conscious singer is letting people involved in corruption know that the gig is up, with the soon-to-be-released tune Cat's Out The Bag.

First out of the bag is corruption in public education.

"I totally support students' efforts to save public education," says Collins, who promised, "When Californians find out cuts in student enrollment are made while senior executives, chancellors, and presidents of the Cal State and UC systems are getting raises…I'm letting the cat out the bag!"

Collins said he is lending his star power to the students' cause in an effort to "get the academic programs that have been cut reinstated," adding, "I want to help make quality college and university enrollment accessible to all the students of California."

Mention transparency to the deep-thinking artist and Collins quickly offers an opinion.

"I believe we have to make the governance of the university, as well as, the actions of the Regents more transparent and accountable to the citizens of California," said the recording legend, gladly trading the privacy he has guarded so carefully in years past to "stand up for what's right."

According to Collins, U.C. President Mark Yudof receives "free" housing at a cost of $11,000 per month, paid for by the University of California.

"I'm letting the cat out the bag on this kind of thing, because it's ridiculous in light of the fact that you've got some of the lowest paid workers of the (UC) system qualifying for food stamps and subsidized housing."

Next out of the bag, corporate crooks.

"I'm pulling the bag wide open on executive compensation in the corporate and financial industries," explained Collins, breaking it down. "I'm talking Wall Street execs, auto and airline execs, investment bankers, financial advisers and insurance execs. Mark my words, 'The cat is coming out!'"

The pure energy, if not utter disdain with which Collins sings Cat's Out The Bag is also meant for corrupt government officials who, Collins argues, "Are currying favors from lobbyists and special interests."

When politicians hear Cat's Out The Bag, Collins would like them to think about the changes which must be made to state laws, so that, as Collins puts it, "A simple majority is all that is needed for the adoption of the state budget."

Collins also believes the message in Cat's Out The Bag will help keep state elected officials (legislators) accountable to the citizens of California. Legislators, the music icon asserts, must provide the necessary financial support in the state budget allocations to K-12, community college, CAL State and UC systems to ensure excellence in California public education.

If not, Rodger Collins is letting the cat out the bag.


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