H1N1 Guided Meditation –- An Empowering Tool This Holiday and Flu Season

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Stress, fear and anxiety decrease the efficiency of the immune system. Meditation can help it work at a more optimal level. PeacefulLife.ca, a provider of online down-loadable meditations, launches its H1N1 Immune System Primer Meditation to offer people a way to deeply relax, build their confidence and optimize their immune response this holiday and flu season.

All the talk about the H1N1 virus may leave you feeling a bit vulnerable, fearful or simply concerned about what you should be doing to stay healthy. These feelings, coupled with the pressure of the holiday season, can actually work to undermine your immune response.

This is why PeacefulLife developed its Immune System Primer Guided Meditation. Meditation will not prevent the flu. However, meditation puts the body in a deep state of relaxation and creates the ideal circumstances for the immune system (the body's internal pharmacy) to function at its optimal level and keep you healthy.

“I feel strongly about using meditation to stay healthy because I have personally experienced the immune strengthening benefits of meditation over the past 15 years,” said Jackie Roberge, PeacefulLife founder. “There is more and more medical research (see "References" below) to suggest that regular meditation can lead to health benefits, including helping to stimulate the body's ability to produce antibodies. But people tend to think meditation is difficult or only for serious yogis. I created the PeacefulLife website and guided meditations to help make meditation easier and more accessible for everyone.”

The 15-minute guided meditation combines deep relaxation, guided imagery and affirmations to help quiet the mind and allow the body’s natural intelligence to take over. There are no negative side effects and Jackie claims “listening to this meditation will likely produce an immediate sense of relaxation and peacefulness. You may also feel more confident knowing you are doing something proactive to enhance your immune response during this holiday season.”

To get to know Jackie and her approach:

  •     Visit the http://www.peacefullife.ca online Meditation Store to purchase and download her guided meditation for $4.97. There is also a 10-minute kid’s meditation for $2.99.
  •     Read her practical tips to enhance your immune system, then sign up to receive them weekly at PeacefulLife.ca.
  •     Watch a 5-minute Youtube demo of the H1N1 Immune System Primer Meditation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=130TVQep6Sk
  •     Follow Jackie's meditation advice and experiences (MeditationMama) on Tweeter at: http://twitter.com/MeditationMama

The guided meditations (MP3 format) may be downloaded to any computer or portable device. Secure payments can be made through Paypal. 10% of sales of the H1N1 Meditation will be donated to Montreal's St. Mary's Hospital, Community Cancer Care Centre.

We know that meditation is not for everyone but if you feel touched by this approach we encourage you to follow your instincts and give it a try. We sincerely hope that, whether you feel called to meditate or not, you will be blessed with the tools and support that you need to feel strong, healthy and confident.

A final thought from Jackie "In meditation, as in life, be open to positive experiences and let the rest happen naturally and easily."

About PeacefulLife.ca

PeacefulLife.ca was founded by Jacqueline Roberge in 2007. Jackie is a meditation teacher and certified yoga instructor (Yoga Bliss Research and Training Institute). Jackie's has worked extensively with breast cancer patients including teaching yoga and meditation to breast cancer patients as part of a Doctorate research study.

    1) RJ Davidson, Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience, Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin. Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation.
    2) David Creswell, Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology, UCLA. "In recent years, the practice of becoming more mindful and tuning in to ones internal experiences has gained scientific momentum..."
    3) Prof. Ben-Eliyahu. State University of New York, Stony Brook. Maintain a Strong Immune System: Conquer the Fear of a Pandemic.


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