Alpha Ecological Promotes a Green Approach to Pest Control with Their 2009 Website Redesign

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What constitutes green pest control? Traditional exterminators use harmful chemicals in excess. Alpha Ecological, also known as Say Frog, uses a variety of organic and natural pest control products, while implementing an approach referred to as Integrated Pest Management. This is the act of preventing future infestations and attacking the cause of a pest problem, i.e. entry and nesting points. This allows them to use chemicals more sparingly and have a long term impact. In 2009, to promote their green approach to pest control, Alpha Ecological redesigned their website to include a pest identification section and information about integrated pest management.

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We don't go for the industry hype. We believe in integrated pest management, which is the act of combating infestations at the source, using chemicals sparingly and implementing preventative measures.

Alpha Ecological, also known as Say Frog, provides pest control services that are more scientific and preventative than your old school exterminator. They not only identify and eradicate pests, but also eliminate the conditions that attract pests in the first place. With the redesign of their website in 2009, they’ve taken efforts to inform the public about the existence of green pest control, improving your home’s air quality through air duct cleaning, and identifying pest problems and the dangers associated with them.

Their website explains that offering services, like crawlspace restoration and air duct cleaning, eliminates pest friendly environments, creating a more permanent fix. In doing so, they limit the need for exterminator services in the future. They don't just offer preventative tools either. If pest infestations are already a problem in need of eradication, Alpha Ecological offers what they call, “a crack and crevice approach.” They use a variety of cutting edge organic and natural based pest control products that are more effective, biodegradable and even less toxic than traditional extermination products. They attack feeding and nesting areas, as well as common entry points. By only applying their products to specific areas, they significantly reduce their customers' exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. A traditional exterminator goes for a more “blast all” approach, using more of their toxic products than necessary.

According to Tasha Shives, Marketing and Communications director of Alpha Ecological, many of Alpha’s competitors will run out and buy the pest control products that claim to be the greenest. They don’t follow-up with the time-tested products because they haven't been in business for very long. As a player in the green pest control industry for over 20 years, Alpha Ecological doesn’t go for the industry hype. They believe in providing integrated pest management, which is the act of combating infestations at the source, using chemicals sparingly and implementing preventative measures. Combining integrated pest management with highly researched green products allows Alpha Ecological to provide a comprehensive and effective approach to green pest control.

Alpha Ecological provides their green approach to pest control in six states, including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Idaho. Visit their website and/or schedule an interview to learn more about Alpha Ecological’s green pest control services and their 2009 website redesign.


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