Most Marketing Boils Down to Three Words--Blah, Blah, Blah: 1-Day Workshop Shows Small Businesses How to Stand Out, Get Better Results from Their Marketing—Right Now

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Let’s face it, to the customer or client, many businesses all look alike, sell the same stuff, provide the same services. They look alike and sound alike in their marketing, with boastful or boring being the two most common results. An author and former CEO of a national ad agency and marketing firm tells you how to sell more products and services by making your marketing less ordinary and more effective.

Terri Langhans

Most people either describe their products or services, go on and on, and end up boring their prospects to death

Some people think that quality, service and value will set their business apart. Some people also think the Statue of Liberty is in New York. Both need to think again, because customers and clients expect quality, service and value, and the Statue of Liberty is technically located on Ellis Island in the state of New Jersey.

So, if quality, service and value are “givens,” what can a small business owner do to stand out from the competition? What can an independent professional, solo-practitioner or marketing director do to attract more prospects, clients and referrals when the service they provide or the product they sell is pretty much the same as the next guy’s?

“Resist the usual, the expected and the ordinary. Don’t do what everyone else does, for starters,” says Terri Langhans, creator of the Maverick Marketing Workshop and author of The 7 Marketing Mistakes Every Business Makes (And How to Fix) Them.

“Most people either describe their products or services, go on and on, and end up boring their prospects to death,” explains Langhans, the former CEO of a national ad agency and marketing firm. “That, or they whoop and holler and brag about how great they are and literally repel prospects with boastful, blatant sales pitches.”

Let everyone else do the chest-pounding claims or drab bulleted lists describing products and services, Langhans says. “People don’t wake up in the morning hoping to hear a sales pitch, and they don’t care about your boring business. They care about themselves. Connect to something they care about (which isn’t you), before you try so hard to convince. Bring your benefits to life; marketing is not a monologue. Create a dialogue—your message should feel like it’s coming from a good friend.”

Langhans will help businesses learn how to connect, find their points of difference and bring them to life in marketing materials and sales conversations in her day-long public event called the Maverick Marketing Workshop on Wednesday, Dec. 9, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in Seal Beach, CA.

Langhans, a Certified Speaking Professional and popular presenter at national conferences around the country, packs the workshop with creative ideas, simple strategies and tangible tools business people can use right away to right away to stand out from the competition, make their marketing more effective and sell more products and services—right now—regardless of what they may have tried before, regardless of how big or small their budgets are.

“Even if you don't have a marketing budget!” Langhans emphasizes.

The workshop drills down and zeroes in on these important marketing and referral generating areas, including “How To”:

  •     Distinguish yourself, your business, products and services in the marketplace and from the competition.
  •     Find your points of difference, no matter how much you look like the “other guy” and create a competitive advantage no one can copy.
  •     Generate word of mouth marketing and referrals that cost you nothing.
  •     Craft marketing messages that are more effective and memorable, using the four cornerstones of an effective message to improve response and retention.
  •     Retain and build loyalty with existing customers, recover past customers and attract new ones.
  •     Learn the pros and cons and decide the right mix of marketing activities that increase visibility and response from your target audience(s).
  •     Understand how to use the 5 elements of graphic design and layout to increase readership and retention of your message.
  •      Set up a system for measuring progress, effectiveness, accountability and maintaining momentum.

Workshop participants will walk way with a clear direction of how to set their businesses apart, a message platform that will communicate it, and a realistic action plan for taking it to the marketplace.

“More focus, impact, response and revenue—who couldn’t use a little more of that right now?” Langhans asks.

The workshop is $199 for the day and includes a bonus 90-minute follow-up conference call 30 days later for participants to report progress, clarify content, celebrate success, get feedback, ask questions and be held accountable for their action plan.

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