Massachusetts Cosmetic Surgeon Offers Breakthrough Stem Cell Enhanced Facelift

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Cutting edge facelift procedure improves facial appearance by utilizing stem cells in patients own unwanted body fat.

Most people would be surprised to hear that the secret to a youthful face may well be hiding in the extra pounds they are working so hard to lose. Yet with the newest facelift technique known as the "stem cell enhanced facelift" Massachusetts surgeon, Frank Fechner, MD, suggests that may be exactly the case. In his Worcester clinic (, Dr. Fechner provides his patients with the future of facial rejuvenation surgery: the stem cell enhanced facelift.

The stem cell enhanced facelift is a unique combination of procedures that involves harvesting a small amount of a patients unwanted body fat and then injecting the fat into areas of concern in the patients face. The fat, which is gathered with a tiny liposuction wand, is purified before being carefully injected into these pre-determined facial regions. Interestingly, this fat contains stem cells which are widely believed to be the most potent regenerative cells of the adult human body. Once the fat is transferred, these microscopic stem cells begin their work of repairing facial tissues that have been adversely affected by aging. The stem cells plump tissue and offer a rejuvenated overall appearance that is both natural looking and highly resilient.

The powerful abilities of stem cells have gained considerable renown in recent years as potential treatments for degenerative conditions that range from Parkinson's disease to arthritis. Using stem cells in order to advance facelifts appears to be yet another use for these unique building blocks of the human body.

Applied in combination with modern facelift techniques, the transfer of stem cells found in a patient's own fat tissue offers a number of unique benefits. The results are often much more natural in appearance than can be obtained with conventional facelift methods, injecting the patient's own tissue rather than popular filler substances provides safety benefits, and typically the patient continues to notice improvements for months after surgery as the stem cells continue to mature. The improvements after the stem cell enhanced facelift can be expected to last for years to come.

"The stem cell enhanced facelift is a considerable breakthrough in the world of facial cosmetic surgery," said Frank Fechner, MD, "the ability to utilize the powerful effects of a patient's own stem cells is an incredible way to limit adverse reactions and offer the most natural and refreshed looking results I have seen to date."

The stem cell enhanced facelift procedure builds on Dr. Fechner's extensive experience in performing state-of-the-art face lifts. Comparable in both surgery duration and recovery, the post-operative experience after the stem cell enhanced facelift is similar to traditional facelifts. Though fat is harvested from a patient's body as part of the technique, patients typically experience little to no pain from that part of the procedure as only small amounts of fat tissue are extracted with a small blunt needle. In some cases, patients elect to undergo only the fat transfer portion of the procedure and that allows for a less invasive treatment and shorter recovery time.

About Dr. Fechner
Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank P. Fechner is Harvard-trained and double board certified with his private practice conveniently located in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is affiliated with Harvard's Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston and UMassMemorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. As a renowned facelift expert, he has been featured on ABC, NBC and other news outlets. Focusing exclusively on cosmetic face and neck surgery, Dr. Fechner performs hundreds of facial rejuvenation procedures each year.

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