Now In The UK - The Swedish Miracle Cure For Back Pain And Insomnia

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Acupressure mats have been this years health sensation in Sweden, where an estimated 500,000 mats have been sold over the last year. It is forecast to be the “Christmas Gift of the Year”, and break all sales records for health related products.

The “Hedgehog Mat” is a Swedish refinement of a discovery made in Russia in the 1980’s, which in its turn is based on millennia old knowledge of acupuncture in India and China.

“NordicLight-Publishing” is now introducing the most gentle of these acupressure mats to the UK public. The “Hedgehog-Mat” has a total of 10.323 acupressure points, which means it is relatively gentle for a beginner to lay on, yet highly effective.

(The larger the number of acupressure points the more comfortable it will be - most other mats have 6-8000 points and are smaller in size.)

In Sweden it is claimed to be of use for conditions as diverse as back pain, sciatica, headaches, insomnia and muscle ache.

In the discussion that has been ongoing during the last year in media, many users have reported that rheumatism, arthritis, joint and muscle ache in general, is greatly alleviated by simply resting on the mat every day.

It is also widely used simply to relax and let tired and tense muscles unwind.

In Western medicine today it is widely accepted that acupuncture will help in many diverse conditions, although the exact mechanism is still not understood.

The acupressure mat is thought to stimulate the acupuncture sensitive points on your back, as well as inducing an increased blood flow to muscles and joints.

The mat is made of high quality cotton on a foam backing, which has the points sewn on to it. It is large enough so you can comfortably treat both your back and your neck at the same time, and is easy to fold and take with you.

Mr Gustaf Eriksson, the company’s Swedish director, says “the mat causes the body to release endorphins - these natural substances are both pain killing and makes you feel relaxed and happy.

"I use it myself after long stints in front of the computer, when my shoulder aches, and it relieves the pain after only 10-15 minutes on the mat”.

Gudrun Unander, osteopath from Gothenburg, Sweden, says: “the mat is an invaluable help to my patients. It is easy to use at home and aids them in their recovery”.

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