Yoli Blast Cap Product Hits the Market with a New Delivery System

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Yoli's blast caps are small capsules filled with antioxidents that at a push of the finger are blasted into your bottle of water. This new delivery system is demonstratab;e and locks in all of the key nutrients until they are ready to be consumed. Yoli has an array of future product offerings in the pipeline.

Yoli is a new Network Marketing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah that is attracting attention in the industry. Yoli's blast cap delivery system differentiates them from other nutritional beverage companies and they have a product that one can demonstrate. The Blast Caps are small capsules that you put on the top of your water bottle and blast the ingredients into the water. The blast caps freeze dried technology locks in the nutrients and they don't perish over time. They don't contain any artificial sweeteners, sugar or preservatives. The compensation plan used is a binary plan which consists of two legs and they have employed a new break even bonus that makes it easy for distributors to not be out of pocket with their monthly auto ship orders. As the blast caps are separate from the bottle you can buy the blast caps on their own and are priced competitively with retail opposition.

Yoli was started by distributors for distributors. The company founders include: Robby Fender, Michael Pritchard, Darren Falter, Rick Eisele, Bobby Jones and Corey Citron. They are all well known in the industry and have over 100 years of combined network marketing experience and is debt free and self funded. As part of Team Healy Mike has built successful teams with multiple companies in the industry. He has produced CD’s that have sold over 100,000 copies internationally and Mike has spoken to crowds of over 10,000 people. Mike Healy knows how to build a successful organization.

There are lots of opportunities in the network marketing industry, and usually they all look good. The problem is, is that if a company doesn’t have everything in place then it ultimately fails. In fact, over 80% of all network marketing companies don’t make it past 18 months. Here are some points on how to choose a network marketing company.

1) It is important that the product has something unique to it. There are already hundreds of products out there. Yoli has this with the Blast cap.

2) First to market, category creator for blast cap technology- Being first to market is the major key to success in a company. Copy cats are never as successful as the original. Yoli has the opportunity to bring to market an entirely new category of product. The blast cap delivery system is unique and very important, it is a product that the whole family can enjoy.

3) Proprietary nutritional formula with many powerful ingredients- Is the actual product any good? The Yoli founders have extensive back grounds in “Product Formulation”. They also have a team of people who have created multi-million dollar formulas before. Because of the unique delivery system and the ability to freeze dry the world’s best ingredients, this separates Yoli from the market. They are also part of the $700B non-alcoholic beverage market.

4) Product pricing that competes with stores- How many network marketing companies have good products but are over priced just to pay the distributors? Yoli has the price point to legitimately compete in the market place. At just under $3 for the product, how does that compare to some companies that charge $20-$50 for a lesser product?

5) Compensation that is fair to the beginner as well as the heavy hitter- One issue has always been the compensation plan or how t get paid. Many companies parade people across stage showing how much money they have made making the masses believe that they can do it to. The problem with this is that only about .01% of the people who join the typical network marketing company make over $1,000 a month and even less of a percentage even get their autoships covered. Yoli has solved this problem. For the first time in network marketing history a company has made it very easy for the average person to “Break Even” and get into profit much faster. Yoli created a thing called thebreak even bonus.

6) 2-3 times the number of PIN levels (achievement ranks) Yoli is big on recognition. Most companies have only a handful of rankings in their compensation plan. The problem with this, is that people work harder for recognition than they do for money. Most companies have 3-5 rank advancements. Since there are so few and each one is typically much harder to accomplish, people who are not advancing tend to get frustrated and typically quit. Yoli has 36 rank advancements in smaller increments that allow the masses to make progress and get rewarded more frequently thus sustaining excitement and belief that they can do it.


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