BondVillage Newsletter Provides Reliable Source for Investors Seeking Top Bonds

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BondVillage provides reliable bond research and recommendations in its monthly Investment Newsletter using bvAnalytics ™, its ground-breaking, proprietary bond analysis system. noted was ‘a site that can provide valuable insights into what's going on in the bond market and where the better values might be’.

BondVillage announced today its monthly Investment Newsletter for individual investors and financial advisors. The newsletter provides a readily available, budget-conscious method for finding reliable bond research and recommendations. A free sample issue is available on its website,

BondVillage recognized that the bond market is very complex and difficult for the average investor to understand given the range of options. Individual investors also do not have access to sophisticated bond analysis systems used by investment professionals, making research challenging and time-consuming.

For nearly 10 years, BondVillage has reached an underserved market by providing a central source for investors to identify the most attractive, risk-adjusted bonds available using bvAnalytics ™, its proprietary bond analysis system. BvAnalytics™ analyzes tens of thousands of bonds and effectively ranks them using innovative, ground-breaking technology.

BondVillage noted that it identifies bonds that can yield from 3%- to 10%- to 20% or more when compared to bank savings accounts and money markets that are now yielding less than 1.5%. The BondVillage Investment Newsletter provides bond recommendations in three categories to meet the different needs of investors -- Value, Aggressive and Speculative. BondVillage's Buy List, which consists of approximately 90 top corporate bonds, spans the full credit (AAA-rated through BB-rated) and maturity (6 months through 30 years) spectrum. Each bond recommendation includes proprietary quantitative information to measure the bond's riskiness, which includes its 'extra yield' and 'risk premium' relative to other similar bonds.

Many brokerage firms provide stock and mutual fund research and investment ideas from resources like Standard & Poor's (S&P) and Morningstar, but provide little bond research and information. As a result, many people purchase poorly researched bonds at higher prices and may consequently miss out on higher yields and interest income for their investment portfolios.

For example, The BondVillage Investment Newsletter recently identified a AA-rated non-callable, intermediate term bond from a Fortune 500 company, which yielded 7.59%. An investment in this bond could have earned more than 3x more income than a lower yielding bond with similar terms offered at a major investment firm. BondVillage stated an investor with a $500,000 bond portfolio would have received $39,500 per year if they bought the first bond, but only $12,000 per year if they bought the lower yielding bond; a significant difference in interest income.

"The tools and information BondVillage provides will help the individual investor become more knowledgeable and profitable in the bond market," said Professor Roger Blake of the College of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, lead developer of bvAnalytics. "BondVillage is leading the way in leveraging technology to provide greater information and transparency to the nation's bond markets."

Former San Francisco Chronicle financial columnist and author of "Fire Your Stock Analyst" Harry Domash wrote, "Until recently, figuring out the risk premium priced into a bond was a mind-boggling puzzle, but BondVillage makes it quite easy." BondVillage was also featured on as 'a site that can provide valuable insights into what's going on in the bond market and where the better values might be'." See both articles on its website,

BondVillage’s singular focus is to help investors make better bond investment decisions. The BondVillage Investment Newsletter provides bond research and recommendations to identify the most attractive, risk-adjusted bonds. Newsletter subscribers can receive an introductory discount of 10% from its purchase price using coupon code 123BONDS.

About BondVillage
BondVillage is a privately held financial services company located in northern New Jersey, and has been providing quality bond information and analysis to thousands of investors and financial advisors since 2001. Its registered members include investment professionals from numerous financial service and accounting firms, including Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon, Fidelity, TDAmeritrade, Scottrade, Deloitte, KPMG and Moody's. BondVillage's bond analysis is generated by bvAnalytics™, a proprietary bond analytical engine that performs a sophisticated Relative Value Analysis (RVA) on tens of thousands of bonds, and rank orders them to identify the most attractive bond investment ideas. For more information, visit

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