QuantumMethod Wraps Up Social Media With a Bow

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QuantumMethod has your guide to social media. At the holidays, why not start something new or refine your strategies? Here are important rules to follow when your customers are following you.

“You can be the most savvy social media marketer, but if you’re not listening, you’re not learning about your customers.”

QuantumMethod has the guide to social media. At the holidays, why not start something new or refine current strategies? There are important rules to follow when your customers are following you.

George Tierney, COO and Creative Director, QuantumMethod oversees the social media practice for QuantumMethod, said, “Fifty-seven percent of Internet users worldwide have joined a social media network, making it the number one platform for creating and sharing content. After substantial research, QuantumMethod found that a large number of social media users, whether using blogs or micro-communities, have a more positive reaction to companies that also use social media. This is good news for the 60% of U.S. companies that reported using some form of social technology as an ongoing component of their business.”

“Listening is the most important aspect of engaging in social media,” says Kelly Rice, Partner, who oversees the public relations practice for QuantumMethod. “You can be the most social media savvy marketer, but if you’re not listening, you’re not learning about your customers. There are plenty of tools to help monitor activity and conversations on social media websites, and many of them are free and easy to use.”

Lexicon searches Facebook walls for keywords and provides snapshots of what people are chatting about. Twitter is a difficult tool to monitor alone, but with the use of specific Twitter monitoring applications, it’s a piece of fruit cake. Monitter, Tweetburner, and Twendz all monitor the tweets on the Twittersphere. Monitter provides real time updates of what people are tweeting about. Tweetburner condenses long URLs to 20 characters or less, which helps to get messages across on Twitter, and also tracks the clicks on that shortened URL.

“Tracking what consumers are saying about your brand or client is crucial in providing effective feedback. By knowing what is being said about your brand, whether it is negative or positive, allows you to take the next step: informed responding,” said Rice.

Posting and responding may seem like no-brainers, but there are simple etiquette rules to follow.

“You need to follow all types of media and media users,” said Tierney, “Everyone online counts, including surly teenagers and disgruntled consumers. These days, any regular John Doe who subscribes to a blog, a Facebook page, or has their own website is considered an amateur journalist. You must be interesting enough to engage everyone. Do not ignore the smallest comment or patronize the sarcastic ones. It’ll pay off in the end.”

“When posting things through social media, be concise, be short. “People pay less attention to messages that take forever to get to make a point,” says Rice, “If it’s not engaging right off the bat, your message will never be heard.”

A tip from Santa: Write down the concept in one sentence. Then ask and answer honestly, "So what?" If it still sounds like a good idea, proceed to rewrite it, over and over, until it has not one extra word.

Speak for yourself. Don’t let just anyone represent the company's voice. Writing styles are unique and attentive consumers will figure out when someone else is speaking.

Never refuse to comment if the company is under fire. The most effective way to gain a loyal following is to be honest and truthful. Almost any comment, is better than “no comment.”

Remember, it’s always better to give than to receive. This should be all companies’ motto this holiday season. Re-tweeting is an updated form of re-gifting. Give back to your consumers and they will give back to you.

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