The Orchid Works with Women Suffering from Hidden Alcoholism

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Hidden Alcoholism is currently one of the biggest issues in the field of addiction treatment for women. The Orchid Recovery Center stands at the forefront of new and effective treatment methods for the condition -- helping countless women regain control of their lives. The Orchid is a residential, gender-specific treatment center for women.

Recent headlines and news programs have brought much-needed attention to the plight of women suffering from "Hidden Alcoholism". Hidden Alcoholism refers to a condition wherein a woman suffers in silence with her addiction - hiding her drinking from those around her even as she multi-tasks through the many responsibilities that comprise her daily routine.

To date, hidden alcoholism has cost countless women their relationships, their families, and in the most extreme cases, their lives. As women become stretched thinner as a result of family finances and other responsibilities, the number of reported hidden alcoholics continues to grow.

One of the nation's leading addiction treatment centers for women, The Orchid Recovery Center has made significant strides in the treatment of Hidden Alcoholism - giving these women a treatment option that speaks directly to their needs. Through gender-specific counseling and residential care, The Orchid has been able to take women who believe they are suffering alone - and have no one to turn to for assistance - and give them a "safe place" to receive progressive therapy and support from other women in recovery.

More About Treating Hidden Alcoholism at The Orchid

Hidden Alcoholism is an insidious condition, as the woman will hide her addiction from those closest to her including her spouse, family and friends. As time passes, she becomes an expert at keeping her condition a secret from those around her - often at the risk of her family's safety. This secrecy leads to isolation - which can cause the addiction to quickly worsen. The Orchid Recovery Center treats Hidden Alcoholism by giving women a place where they can speak openly and honestly about their fears and concerns - all while surrounded by other like-minded women who are experiencing similar circumstances.

The expert treatment staff at The Orchid has studied Hidden Alcoholism comprehensively and, using the groundbreaking work of addiction treatment professional Dr. Karen Dodge, has developed a number of effective therapeutic modalities designed to address the condition.

More About the Orchid Recovery Center for Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Located in Palm Springs, Florida, The Orchid is a gender-specific residential addiction treatment center for women that is dedicated to finding new and effective ways to help women suffering from substance abuse and dependency issues. Through counseling and therapy that places a great emphasis on the issues that cause addiction in women, The Orchid is able to provide customized care for individuals in need of alcohol or drug rehab.

The luxurious, comfortable setting at The Orchid is filled with top amenities not unlike those found at four-star resorts and hotels. Providing comfort and safety are among the goals of The Orchid Recovery Center - where women can heal without worrying about the presence of the opposite sex.

Women at The Orchid Recovery Center are urged to support one another - as it is this support system that will help enhance the addiction treatment process. The work of Dr. Dodge confirms that women respond more favorably to treatment in these supportive environments.

For more information about The Orchid Recovery Center - and it's important work in the field of hidden alcoholism, contact Julie Queler at (561) 433-2336.


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