Journey Healing Centers Announces a Family Action Plan for Giving the Gift of Sobriety

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With over 20 million Americans in need of treatment for drug addiction or alcohol abuse, Journey Healing Centers ( announces a Family Action Plan for Giving the Gift of Sobriety just-in-time for the holidays. This Action Plan has been specifically developed to help families have Healing Holidays and get their loved ones back. While the holidays can mean fear and isolation to many addicts, families can turn to this plan for advice, comfort and hope.

At a time when drinking and drug use skyrocket over the holidays, Journey Healing Centers' launches a Family Action Plan with 3 proactive steps to help millions Give the Gift of Sobriety this season. Based on helping thousands of families dealing with addiction, Journey Healing Centers' tested plan can help families have Healing Holidays. To address family members with confidence, this plan includes how to have an open conversation, find a family focused treatment program, and look for lifetime recovery programs to ensure future happy holidays.

Families need to take action now versus procrastinate until the New Year. Dr. Ravi Chandiramani, Corporate Medical Director for Journey Healing Centers adds, "Several studies have demonstrated an increase in substance abuse trends around the holidays. Additionally, many of the increased visits to emergency rooms across the country are secondary to substance abuse."

To get started, all it takes is someone in the family to say, "Enough is Enough" to reduce these humbling addiction statistics.

"About 43% of adults in the US (76 million people) have had a parent, child, sibling or spouse who is or was an alcoholic."

"50% of Americans have a beloved one who is suffering from a drug abuse problem at any given time"

"65% of drug addicts get access to the drug via their close family and friends."

Addiction is a family problem that heightens over the holidays. The stress of providing gifts for everyone, seeing the in-laws, and living up to family expectations can drive people to more substance abuse, which can minimized by taking action now.

This year…Give the Gift of Sobriety with this Family Action Plan

Step 1. Address the Addiction this Holiday with a Caring Conversation

While it might one of the toughest things to do, a caring conversation about someone's addiction can help you get a loved one back. Lisa Lannon, Co-founder of Journey Healing Centers, explains, "Be open to talking to them in a loving way that let's them know that they deserve treatment. Have treatment options ready if they say, yes they will go. Set boundaries with them if they are not willing to go to treatment." If the conversation gets rocky or someone is ready to talk but you're not sure how to proceed, Journey Healing Centers staffs a 24-Hour Free Hotline (1-866-774-5119) with Addiction Specialists who can answer any questions and provide guidance throughout this often difficult process.

Step 2. Find a Treatment Center with a Family Focus

Because drug and alcohol abuse is a family issue, it is crucial to find a treatment center that offers family programming. This approach will allow the family members to understand what their loved one is going through, help everyone involved heal in their own way, and provide support tools and advice on what to do once their loved one leaves treatment. Journey Healing Centers offers a weekly family program for current clients and their families, as well as for graduates and their families for continued support after treatment.

Step 3. Look for Lifetime Recovery Support to Avoid Relapses

To prevent relapses and to maintain strong sobriety, develop a lifetime recovery plan that includes residential treatment, outpatient programs, sober living and aftercare. A strong aftercare program is the key to success for a lifetime of sobriety. Journey Healing Centers offers free aftercare for life to support successful transitions into healthy lifestyles.

When the family unit faces these issues together, once broken homes can be brought back together creating the way for a lifetime of love, sobriety and happy holidays well into the future.

Journey Healing Centers opened in 2002, operates 7 rehabilitation centers in Arizona and Utah, and has been featured on MTV's Gone Too Far and in People Magazine. Journey Healing Centers has supported thousands of families dealing with addictions through Residential Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), Sober Living Homes and a 24-Hour Free Hotline with Addiction Specialists. Journey Healing Centers offers customized programs and the facilities are staffed with licensed doctors, therapists and counselors. Josh and Lisa Lannon (Founders) are dedicated to saving lives through drug and alcohol treatment, and believe it's important for people to have multiple treatment options.

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