New Conservative Organization Launched: Conservatives of America Seeks to Unite U.S. Conservatives and Hold Washington Accountable

The conservative answer to goes live December 11 --

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Conservatives of America seeks to unite disaffected conservites.

People are upset about higher taxes and big government. They need a unified voice. American conservatives want to be heard—and Conservatives of America gives them that voice.

St. Louis (PRWEB) December 10, 2009

Conservatives of America, a new conservative organization hoping to give a strong voice to marginalized U.S. conservatives, has announced that has emerged from its formative stages and is now seeking members.

The organization was founded this September in St. Louis by Bill Murphy, a small business owner and real estate consultant. Murphy hopes to galvanize the American conservative movement by uniting a group he feels has been marginalized by the media and the Obama administration. “The winds of change have blown us off course,” said Murphy. “The Tea Party movement has swept across the country. People are upset about higher taxes and big government. They need a unified voice. American conservatives want to be heard—and Conservatives of America gives them that voice.”

Conservatives of America wants to show its emerging grassroots strength via what it calls “The Count.” The Count is simply the growing tally of Conservatives of America members. The organization anticipates membership into the millions.

“People are angry. They feel ignored and trampled upon. They’re worried about runaway taxes and a complete lack of fiscal responsibility by our government. We know bigger government is not the answer—and we’re looking for people that want to join with us in standing against it,” said Murphy. “We’re not a political party; we’re simply a grassroots movement that anticipates huge growth. And we want to leverage that growth and change the course we’re now heading. I don’t really know what the future holds for us, but I can see a day where we contribute to political causes and lobby Congress on issues important to our members, like healthcare reform and lower taxes.”

Murphy says members will be kept abreast of the latest news of importance to conservatives via its website, Members will also be able to create their own blogs, where they can share their views with other conservatives. The organization will regularly inform its members about the voting records of their representatives and senators. Likewise, Conservatives of America will also keep representatives and senators informed when the organization hits key membership milestones.

“We want them to know we are watching—and that we represent a huge portion of the voting population. Somewhere along the line, government started thinking that ‘We the People’ worked for it, instead of the other way around,” said Murphy. “To say the least, our government has become fat, entitled and very, very hungry. We stand diametrically opposed to this new status quo.”

Murphy said Conservatives of America recognizes that even conservatives may disagree on the details. “But our movement isn't about the minor points. It's about the big ones that Washington seems to be missing more and more,” he said.

Membership in Conservatives of America costs $25. To join, visit or call toll-free at 877-429-1776.

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