During Holidays Relapse Rates Can Increase

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According to Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, because of physical drug cravings and increased stress during the holidays the road to recovery is often barred for many addicts.

Drug and alcohol addiction are not new. What is new is recognizing the barriers to recovering from drug addiction. Once one recognizes the barriers through successful treatment they stop using drugs permanently.

One primary barrier to recovery is overcoming the mental and physical cravings for drugs or alcohol. According to a recent publication from Narconon entitled "Healing Addicted Lives," cravings are strong, uncontrollable urges to use drugs or alcohol that drive the addict to once again use addictive substances.

Cravings can be compared to a time when you went for a long time without eating a meal and you were really hungry. Such as the feeling before the Thanksgiving feast after fasting all day in anticipation of your favorite foods. The feeling of hunger is both a mental and physical sensation triggered when the body needs food for nutrients and energy. One may get compelling thoughts of eating, a growling stomach and shakiness and even an ill mood by not having eaten. As soon as you eat, the hunger pangs stop and you feel good about satisfying your hunger.

Drug cravings are similar, but the desire to use drugs is much stronger and more intense. Someone who is craving drugs will feel like life itself is dependent on getting and taking their preferred drug. Thus, they will say or do almost anything to get the drug to handle their intense cravings.

Experts working in the Narconon drug rehabilitation industry explain that during the holidays, those addicted can have an increasingly large number of cravings with the accompanying stress of the season. This in addition to the guilt that is resultant to the addiction and the remembrance of this guilt through seeing family, old friends etc that the addict has hurt in some way can be too much. Someone experiencing drug cravings will go to almost any length to satisfy their cravings; which to the addict is only solved by more drugs or alcohol.

"A big part of the problem is that once a person starts abusing drugs the residues from those drugs stay in the body and disrupt the body's natural processes which result in cravings, create nutritional deficiencies and cause other affects," explains Erica Catton, Director of Promotion for Narconon East U.S. "Part of the Narconon program is a fast and simple method of eliminating these drug residues through a sauna detoxification program. This results in improved mental and physical health; this is a critical step to reducing drug cravings and stopping relapse."

Having to remain hooked on drugs in the vicious cycle of intense cravings and resultant in more drug use now has a simple, painless and drug-free solution. The Narconon program gives the steps to permanently end drug cravings and free the addict from the vicious cycle of drug abuse.

If you would like more information on the barriers to successful recovery from addiction call Narconon East U.S. today at 877-237-3307.


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