Debt Logic's Tips for a Debt-Free Holiday

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Debt Logic, one the nation’s premier debt settlement companies, is offering its clients and all consumers tips and solutions to enjoy a holiday season free of unsecured debt.

Debt Logic, one the nation’s premier debt settlement companies, is offering its clients and all consumers tips and solutions to enjoy a holiday season free of unsecured debt.

Debt Logic is aware of the financial burden and stress placed on many families during the holiday season; families run around looking for presents and last minute deals on gifts for family, friends, and co-workers. The stress and time crunch of the holidays presents challenges for many that look toward credit cards and bogus sales as a way to fulfill their holiday duties. This often creates a snow ball effect that leads to massive post-holiday credit card debt.

The President of Debt Logic said “With the New Year approaching, we want to help fulfill people’s resolutions of becoming free of their unsecured debt. Our team of professional negotiators can help consumers lower their monthly payments after holiday shopping. We offer excellent advice on preventing unsecured debt and getting rid of unsecured debt once it’s too late. Far too often, families seek alternatives such as bankruptcy and debt consolidation, without being aware of the debilitating effects it will have on them. Here at Debt Logic, we offer quite possibly the best solution to this growing problem.”

Here are just a few tips recommended by Debt Logic to avoid spiraling down to serious debt problems during the holiday season:

  •     Don’t Ignore Bills: Ignoring bills does not get rid of the problem, as a matter of fact, it irritates debt problems even more and overdue fees begin to pile up, putting consumers in more debt than before.
  •     Save throughout the year: Saving a few dollars each month in cash really adds up and can be helpful around the holiday season. By saving cash throughout the year consumers can avoid using credit cards and reduce the stress of holiday shopping and post-holiday credit card debt.
  •     Use cash: Using cash during the holidays or anytime during the year, instead of credit, helps avoid expensive interest and late fees.
  •     Keep track of expenses: Keeping track of all expenses and bills will help measure budgetary progress and avoid hefty penalties.
  •     Settle all debts: a legitimate debt settlement company, such as Debt Logic, can assist consumers in negotiating with lenders and banks to reduce overall monthly payments, and might also be able to reduce the overall balance due. For more information visit
  •     Avoid using credit cards as therapy: using credit cards as a form of therapy only amounts to additional credit card debt and stress. If the post-holiday, or even pre-holiday stress is too much, consumers should try to find other ways to relieve the stress.
  •     Pay more than the minimum: Making the minimum payment prolongs the time it takes to pay off debts, as well as the interest paid. Pay the maximum on all credit cards that will still leave money for essentials such as food and housing. This will help pay off credit card debts quicker.

With these tips, and common sense, anyone can make the best out of this holiday season without attaining new debt. Debt Logic can help those that are already in debt or becoming indebted after the holiday season with a viable solution that makes getting rid of unsecured debt a reality.

About Debt Logic
Debt Logic is an industry leader in debt settlement services. Using our unparalleled debt negotiation process, we settle millions of dollars in unsecured debt for our clients every month. Our team of consumer credit industry experts maintains a cooperative relationship with the creditors to provide the best possible results for our client's debt situation. Debt Logic provides its clients with an affordable program with one direction in mind, to pave a path to financial freedom within 12 to 36 months. Debt Logic's proven debt settlement negotiation process allows clients to get back on their feet financially so they can begin enjoying a stress free, debt free life. Call Debt Logic at 1-888-856-3535.

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