“The Doctors” Program Recently Discussed an Innovated Sciatica Treatment from a Beverly Hills Doctor, Which is Also Offered in Ramsey, NJ

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The technologically advanced sciatica treatment call the DRX9000 was introduced on the Doctors Program in December of 2009. They show interviewed a Beverly Hills Doctor; but the same exact treatment is being utilized on the other side of the country in Ramsey, NJ.

During the first week of December 2009 on “the Doctors” television program, a Beverly Hills doctor demonstrated and explained a unique and highly successful non-surgical treatment for sciatica and chronic lower back pain sufferers. People who used to live in agonizing pain, and thought the only help was from pills and surgery, are now living a pain-free life WITHOUT pills and surgery.    

Local respected authority on sciatica treatment, Dr. Michael Guadagnino DC, has utilizes the same exact technology for the past 4 years. His office is located on the other side of the country, right here in Ramsey, NJ. During this time he has successfully helped people that believed there was no hope for their pain and sciatica. Some people had lower back disc injuries, others had chronic arthritis, a few were in pain from failed back surgery and others suffered with unrelenting back pain. All in all, Dr. Guadagnino successfully utilizes the same DRX9000 treatment protocol with his patients as seen on “the Doctors” program.

Dr. Michael Guadagnino, DC - Biography:

Dr. Guadagnino was a featured guest for the entire half hour program on News 12 New Jersey’s “Your Natural Health” program.    He is a published author who’s writings have appeared in medical journals for his innovative and highly successful forms of treatment. Dr. Guadagnino has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician for over 17 years. He has a thriving practice located in Ramsey, NJ where he returns those who have sciatica pain to normal everyday pain-free people by using his highly unique DRX9000 Spinal Decompression protocol.

How can Dr. Guadagnino’s unique DRX9000 treatment help me?
Why is sciatica such a “catch all” phrase for leg pain?
Is sciatica pain always a back injury?
What is the difference between sciatica caused by a slipped disc and sciatica caused by chronic stenosis?
If sciatica is not always a leg injury then why does the victim’s leg hurt?
How can a slip and fall, a car accident, a sports injury etc. that occurred years prior (even though it did not involve the back or leg) develop into sciatica pain?
If someone has suffered a previous injury can he or she do anything to proactively prevent future sciatica?
What are the various treatment and/or therapies used to remove sciatica once and for all?
What is Spinal Decompression and how can this treatment fix sciatica
How many years has Dr. Guadagnino been treating sciatica victims with non-surgcial spinal decompression?
What is the difference between traction and non-surgical spinal decompression?
What is the single reason someone suffering with sciatic pain would choose non-surgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000 in Dr. Guadagnino’s office versus all other treatments, procedures, or surgeries?

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