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InvestTechFX’s state-of-the-art Robot EA Managed Trading Accounts provide investors with full control and greater freedom from emotions in ever changing market. http://www.investtechfx.com

InvestTechFX leading Forex broker using MetaTrader 4 has just announced the launch of an EA managed account program for individuals, for the first time ever, giving traders access to our industry leading experienced Forex traders and trading systems which previously were available for use only by companies and institutions. Our EA managed accounts are an excellent opportunity meant for serious investors that wish to make large gains on the Forex market without the stress, or required experience, which is inherent in trading for most people. InvestTechFX trading accounts are managed by state of the art Expert Advisor trading robots which have been carefully tuned over a long time, and monitored by our industry experts in order to ensure they are operating at their maximum effectiveness at all times.

InvestTechFX EA managed accounts are handled by industry leading technology and watched over by experts with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The core of these managed accounts is the Expert Advisors which are trading on the accounts 24/5 and are a selection of the best EAs in the industry. The EAs use a wide array of technical analysis tools in order to determine the ideal time to both enter and exit a trade in order to gain the greatest profits. The EAs also implement neural net programming, which is a term used to define code made to mimic the working of a human brain. Such code is capable of adapting to changing market conditions dynamically, meaning the EAs will remain relevant, even though the market may change.

InvestTechFX EA managed accounts are run using the widely accepted industry leading platform MetaTrader4. MetaTrader4 is a stable and reliable trading platform which allows seamless integration of Expert Advisors and allows trading experts to monitor progress and fine tune the EAs as changes need to be made. The MetaTrader4 platform also gives a great deal of control to the individual trader. While the Expert Advisor and InvestTechFX industry professionals are managing the account, the account owner can use the MetaTrader4 platform at any time to review their account, as well as participate in real trades on their own. MetaTrader4 also allows Expert Advisors to be programmed using the intensive Meta Quotes language 4 which has the ability to analyze all major indicators, as well as write your own, in addition to many other options that a trader may wish to use before entering a trade. After analyzing all of the data against its own database, the Expert Advisor then decides whether or not to enter or leave a trade.

The benefit of trading with Expert Advisors is that they take the emotion out of trading, something that many traders would consider a weakness. A person’s opinion of where a trade should go may lean one way, while the market is clearly indicating the opposite, as a result the Expert Advisor is a more reliable option, as without emotions, all it will do is follow the market. While these are highly beneficial in a trading program, sometimes they do fail, so as a result InvestTechFX market experts also carefully monitors their Expert Advisors to ensure they are always relevant to current market conditions.

InvestTechFX is investing a high amount of time into these managed accounts and knows that in order to be successful they require time and funds, and therefore is looking only for serious investors who are willing to put in the required time and capital for the trading system to function at full capacity. Trading in Forex is a volatile market with ups and downs. However over a long enough period of time we have observed time and again the Expert Advisors ability to win pips. Therefore we require investors into our managed accounts to give the Expert Advisors a minimum commitment of 1 year on their managed accounts. To ensure that the account is of sufficient size for the Expert Advisor to function properly, InvestTechFX requires a minimum account deposit of $10,000 into InvestTechFX Managed Accounts. If the trader decides they no longer want the Expert Advisor making decisions on their account they can opt out at any time and continue trading their real trading accounts using their own EA or through manual trades, however the 12 month commitment remains in place.

InvestTechFX market leading team of experts is extremely confident in their managed accounts, having carefully tested their systems through many months of live trading, as well as very successful results in back trading. As a result, InvestTechFX has put a guarantee on 80% of the funds in our managed accounts, meaning the trader can never experience a loss of more than 20%. InvestTechFX managed accounts have shown very successful results, with an average success rate of approximately 36% per annum. http://www.investtechfx.com

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