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Critical Path Software announces a new addition to its TurboTune suite of Mainframe Performance Tuning Services. The new service is known as Turbo-Pro.

Turbo-Pro is simple to implement and run. It is very easy to use.

It saves thousands of employee analysis hours. It cuts costs and saves money. It has a very high ROI. It pays for itself in just a few weeks. It prevents problems before they happen. Preventing just one system outage and it is paid for. It prevents or delays Upgrades. It is very inexpensive. There are NO risks involved. There are no changes to any application or system program logic. There is very little employee time required. And it is guaranteed. It is the best investment any CIO could make.

CPSI was founded in 1986 by Ralph Bertrum and Robert Burns. It is located in Port Washington, LI, New York. CPSI has been in business for 25 years and has performed over 600 performance analyses for clients and analyzed hundreds of millions of files. CPSI is an IBM business partner.

Critical Path Software Presents – “TURBO-PRO”

TURBO-PRO is a new proactive technology developed and provided as a service by Critical Path Software Inc. It finds and prevents problems before they occur. It improves performance, reduces resource usage, saves DASD, and lowers mainframe costs. It saves thousands of hours of analysis by performance tuning specialists, delays very expensive mainframe hardware and software upgrades, and in some large data centers may even lower MSU usage CAPS or shut off engines, thereby reducing software license fees. The proof of concept will prove it and there is no cost if it does not.

TURBO-PRO is a newly developed pro-active process that utilizes standard IBM utilities that already exist on your computer for gathering CRITICAL SYSTEM & APPLICATION FILES including CICS, DB2, IMS, User Catalogs, Buffering Products, and Vendor Software. The collected data is sent by CD, FTP, or e-mail attachment to CPSI, where the detail data is run through our Turbo Tune Performance Tuning System and corrective actions are identified before performance issues arise.

TURBO-PRO compliments our highly successful Turbo Tune Performance Tuning System. The result will significantly reduce I/O, CPU, EXCP’s and MIP consumption, while keeping Online Response Time and Batch Run Time at their optimum performance levels.

TURBO-PRO utilizes STANDARD IBM UTILITIES and does not change or look at any confidential client data, but simply monitors, gathers and reports detailed information concerning Structures, Performance, Usage, Activity, Efficiency and current file definitions. The data is sent to CPSI and is processed through Turbo Tune, which analyzes the data, compares every file against an expert data base and returns fully updated and improved file definitions that will reduce the resource consumption on that mainframe.

TURBO-PRO gathers real-time information. The collection process is run at various times taking real-time snapshots of conditions at peak load time, such as twelve noon or month end or quarter end or year end, as well as during periods of inactivity. In this way it will identify the worst case usage under real-world conditions that occur in your environment.

TURBO-PRO is always on duty. One very important point that has to be underscored about the new product suite is that the data collection operates on auto-pilot and can be thought of as a virtual assistant doing the job of many high priced experienced workers. In other words, set it and forget it! We take the worry and the effort out of the system optimization equation and we ensure that nothing of importance is missed. CIOs can rest assured that their resources are continually monitored.

TURBO-PRO is essential because changes in Application & System Software are constantly occurring files require constant performance monitoring. Growth due to mergers, development of new applications, upgrades to vendor software and increases in business activity, make constant adjustments both critical and necessary. All systems should be constantly monitored and critical files should be adjusted before they become a problem, in order to keep them working at their maximum peak performance levels.

TURBO-PRO automatically performs all of the well understood tuning practices and functions that a highly skilled performance tuning analyst would perform with usual methods. However, it does provide several very distinct advantages.

1.             TURBO-PRO saves Time! TURBO-PRO replaces the usual time consuming methods with a robust automated system that operates at speeds far faster than the human capital deployed by most companies. This allows managers to better utilize their existing resources by assigning their best and brightest performance analysts to more challenging and higher priority tasks and/or projects.

2.            TURBO-PRO provides experienced Know How! Valuable tuning expertise and knowledge is no longer taught or required as part of the normal IT curriculum in colleges, universities and advanced institutions of technical training. Therefore to find and bring in a System tuning specialist with experience and requisite knowledge can be extremely difficult and costly at best. Then of course there is always the danger of resources being side tracked or being moved to “higher priority more important projects”, and the system fine tuning activities suffer.

3.         TURBO-PRO reduces CPU degradation due to improperly defined files! Quite often, initial file definitions are set up by merely copying the parameters of existing files because “It Works” and project deadlines leave little time for planning. This approach can easily lead to increased computer utilization caused by the proliferation of poorly tuned files. Enough of this in turn can trigger hardware upgrades long before they are necessary.

4.             TURBO-PRO will save you money! The savings realized from improved performance, which includes productivity gains, longer up times, faster response times, improved batch windows, and fewer ABENDS, will be achieved in the first few months after using TURBO-PRO, and then every year thereafter. This will allow the deferral of upgrades to more expensive and larger hardware and the avoidance of even more expensive software license agreements that go along with the hardware and software.

5.         TURBO-PRO will add real dollars to your bottom line. Let's look at an example of real dollar savings. A data center is using 10,000 MIPS. Our analysis finds that 10% of the MIPS can be saved. That is 1,000 MIPS. According to The Gartner Group, those MIPS are worth $360.00 per MIP per month. So the value of wasted MIPS in this data center is equal to $4,320,000.00. This is a very conservative estimate. The percentage of improvement varies but is usually in the 15% to 20% range. The savings do not stop there! That means you can save that much the first year and the second year and every year thereafter starting as soon as you begin implementing the tuning efficiencies provided by CPSI. That’s right! You begin saving MIPS immediately.

6.             TURBO-PRO provides a tremendous ROI and is a sensible alternative to doing nothing. By not tuning you are essentially wasting budgeted dollars from the bottom line each and every year. The real value comes from not only reducing the MIPS, but also from reduced DASD usage, increased employee productivity savings, reduced processing times resulting in increased end user customer satisfaction.

When a mainframe is burning MIPS due to poorly tuned applications even an upgrade will not solve the problem. The problem will not go away by itself. The existing configuration will unnecessarily continue to burn more MIPS both now and in the future. The reverse is also true, i.e., if you avoid the upgrade because of TURBO-PRO, you will avoid spending precious dollars in the first year and you will avoid spending it in all future years as well. Our message: if you don't tune your system you will continue to burn MIPS unnecessarily, which is really throwing money away that could be used on other priorities. The regular monthly reviews with TURBO-PRO can add to your yearly bottom line savings by catching new performance degradations as they occur during the regular activity of the ever changing business environment.

TURBO-PRO will not give you compatibility issues because it produces an output file with fully improved and computer generated definitions that can be sent directly through your change control process. There is no chance of any harmful effects, taking place. All of our changes are completely safe. The process of implementing updates is totally controlled by your in-house staff and has been proven to never cause problems or issues.

TURBO-PRO provides a testing process that is easy to run and guarantees that every improvement will work prior to placing the file into production. With computer generated file definitions provided to your acceptance testing process, a person familiar with the environment can easily implement and upgrade 200 - 300 file definitions per day.

TURBO-PRO will pay for itself, because it has a very high ROI (return on investment). The pay back time frame is very short. In most cases, it completely pays for itself in only a couple of months. How is this possible? It speeds up processing, thereby making employees more productive at Development, Problem solving, and Project Completion. It does more work in a shorter timeframe than employees, thereby freeing employees for other work. It saves disk storage and delays very costly hardware and software upgrades.

TURBO-PRO has the ability to RANK files on twenty four different conditions that affect performance. TURBO-PRO assigns a value to every one of those conditions based upon the size and activity usage of the file. The larger the value assigned, the greater the benefit of tuning that file. The attributes of all files are then sorted in descending order with the most improvable files at the top of the list. The greatest benefit comes from the first group of files. These are the files that present the greatest opportunity for improvement. As the new file definitions are implemented, the client will see improvements in processing. The client can start with a group of as few as 500 files and then add more files in groups of 500 when they are ready.

TURBO-PRO is flexible. The client can alter and substitute files as they desire for an additional setup fee and continue to monitor their most Critical Files on a regular basis. This will allow them to always stay current on the behavior of these important files as changes in software or transaction volume impact processing.

TURBO-PRO will pay for itself in a variety of ways due to performance improvements achieved after the implementation of computer generated changes. In some situations, DASD savings alone can justify the product. End result: there will be a very significant ripple effect throughout the clients business because of increased personnel productivity and customer satisfaction.

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