America's Leading Futurist Releases 2010 Global Futures Forecast: Top 20 Trends That Will Shape the World in the Next Year

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Fantastic, radical, and complex global changes that will transform consumers, business and society. America's Leading Futurist Dr. James Canton releases the 2010 GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST. The twenty-year anniversary of the annual report THE GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST is released. Since 1990 the GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST has identified the top trends that will shape the world in the coming year. “This year the GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST has two key themes, Economic Renewal and Planetary Change” according to James Canton, Ph.D., CEO, Institute for Global Futures a renowned futurist and top advisor to the Fortune 1000. Dr. Canton is the author of the Global Futures Forecast having created it and authored it for 20 years.

The GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST reveals astounding breakthroughs in medicine, robots, energy and climate that will transform business, individuals and society

America's Leading Futurist, Dr. James Canton has released the GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST. This is thetwenty-year anniversary of this annual State of the Planet report THE GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST charts the risks and opportunities that will emerge the coming year. Since 1990 the GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST has mapped the top trends in business and society that business, governments and the public need to prepare for. "This year two key themes, economic renewal and planetary change have emerged” according to James Canton, Ph.D., CEO, Institute for Global Futures a renowned futurist and top advisor to the Fortune 1000. Dr. Canton is the author of the Global Futures Forecast. In THE GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST, Dr. James Canton predicts that:

  •     Geo-engineering will attempt to fix climate change
  •     The Internet will be everywhere, pervasive mobility, video rich and seductively immersive
  •     Climate change and Green Tech will reshape entire markets and society
  •     The new global Talent War and the Innovation Economy will deliver prosperity and wealth
  •     Emerging Social Capitalism
  •     Radical life extension and personalized medicine will become available

THE GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST gives an insider’s view of the key trends that will shape our future marketplace and society. James Canton, Ph.D the author, is America's Leading Futurist and sought-after business advisor who forecast the future for four presidential administrations. As chairman and CEO of the Institute for Global Futures, an internationally recognized San Francisco-based think tank, each year he leads an effort to author the top trends that will emerge in the coming year.

THE GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST identifies the key trends in medicine, robots, war, technology and economics that will that 2010 will be a challenging year for most people, business and institutions. “This will be a year of uncertainty and complexity with many surprises for business and society. Both exciting new innovations as well as new risks will face us in 2010” stated Dr; James Canton.

Dr. Canton includes an overview detailing everything from Energy Trends to Robo-Futures. The Global Futures Forecast describes what is in store for the world he identifies the essential future trends people should prepare for now. Armed with this information, it is possible to navigate through challenges such as:

  •     The climate and energy changes that will reshape the planet
  •     The shifting population trends that will transform the workforce
  •     The astounding medical advances that will enhance people’s lives
  •     The exciting and positive renewal and healing that is coming as the economy improves

From clean tech to blended reality to wireless media to life extension, Dr. James Canton’s THE GLOBAL FUTURES FORECAST targets the top new trends that will drive business and societal change.

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