Robot Makes Losses in Trade a Thing of the Past With Forex Megadroid

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A Forex Robot that works on foresight rather than hindsight is the home of Forex Megadroid. This dynamic and authentic Forex Megadroid can stand in the forefront of all Forex robots with the proven track record of being able to trade with a 95.82% accuracy. However, the even bigger news is that these are not just hit and miss figures, this applies to every single market condition. Forex Megadroid is so powerful that it has the ability to bring the user 4 times the rate of return on their investment.

Forex Megadroid is the brainstorm of two first hand experienced Forex Traders being Albert Perrie and his partner John Grace. Together they devised and designed the Forex Megadroid that is found at

Although there are many Forex robots on the market what makes Forex Megadroid stand above them is the concept on which it is based. The key word here being "concept" not strategy.

Most robots work on hindsight as opposed to foresight. This is where Forex Megadroid is different because it is able to see what the trade market is going to do in the next few hours. It then codes this information so it can be used by the average trader with no complexity. Simply put Forex Megadroid helps the trader with decisions based on what is going to happen rather than what has already happened in the market.

Both Albert Perrie and John Grace learned early in their job experiences with the trade market that there were flaws in this industry that made trade a hit and miss venue. These flaws just seemed to be accepted as part of trading and more or less taking the good with the bad.

When two individuals such as Albert and John who had vast knowledge of the trade industry came together they had two things in common. One is they recognized the flaws in the system, and secondly they both had a passion to rise up to the challenge of beating those flaws. This was the beginning and the birth of Forex Megadroid.

Forex Megadroid was not something that was thrown together to make a quick buck selling something based on hype. It was designed by these two co-founders to make profits consistently with a Forex Robot that didn't work on past data. When you visit the website you will see the term RCTPA. This is a term that has the ability to make the user of this Forex Robot a great deal of money in the trade market. It means Reverse Correlated Time and Price Management. This is the concept that Forex Megadroid works on by looking forward instead of backwards to provide the trader with the right information.

With the years of experienced combined with the same train of thought that the secret to successful Forex trading was accessible by both Albert and John they were bound to eventually come up with the answer. They both diligently worked on the concept since 2007 and finally in 2009 totally convinced that they had solved the fragility of Forex trading they launched the Forex Megadroid. Since the launch of this Forex robot it has experienced NO losing trade since March 2009. Figures don't lie and it certainly would seem like there is going to be many successful Forex traders in the future utilizing the Forex Megadroid.

About the Company.
Both Albert and John have a long and successful history of being actively employed in the Forex Industry. In fact it was the knowledge they gained from their Forex employment experiences, and their like mindedness that lead to the inception of Forex Megadroid.


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