Keter Invest Announces Price Reduction of Luxury Villas Fameya

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Keter Invest, an investment company, specializing in ala-carte investment has announced a 23% reduction of prices of their luxury villas built in a Fameya resort. The resort is located on the Istria coastline – Croatia and is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2010.

Fameya - Luxury Mediterranean Villas

Fameya - Luxury Mediterranean Villas

Fameya is a Brand Name That Attracts.

Keter Invest has decided to reduce prices despite the fact that even in ongoing global economic crisis the prices of real estate on Croatia Coastline remained the same and are now even growing. The real estate prices in Croatia are growing because of the positive tourism trends in Croatia.

We have been witnessing negative trends in global tourism in the first 3 quarters of 2009. Negative trends were mostly affecting these continents:

  •     Asia -5%
  •     Americas -7%
  •     Europe – 8%

Despite negative trends, Europe witnessed a few positive numbers in certain countries. Among those, Croatia is a rare jewel because of its +1 percent growth in comparison to the record season in 2008. This result is very encouraging one for the region.

What is the essence of this success which was achieved by Croatia in the first 3 quarters of 2009?

When talking about Croatian tourism, we should be aware of the fact that Croatia was one of the most seeked destinations in Europe in the 80'ies.

That trend suddenly stopped in the 90'ties because of an instable political situation which was happening in this region (civil war in former Yugoslavia). Today, the picture is completely different or better said same as in the 80ties (or better).

Today, the situation is stable, and Croatia is again interesting for a wide circle of tourists from all over the world. Croatia has the most diverse coastline and by opinion of many- the most beautuful Mediterranean coastline off all Mediterranean countries, ranging from Spain, France, Italy and Greece on the European side of Mediterranean Sea.

Many companies realized that investing into Croatian Tourism is a great business opportunity. Especially those companies which invest in real-estate properties. That is quite obvious if we look at the trends regarding the growth of coastline real estate value in comparison to the Croatian inland real estate value. The prices of coastline real estate are growing at a rapid pace.

In this year, the prices of real estates in Croatia are in a freeze out position, or slightly growing because of global financial crisis, but if we look at the past 20 years trends in market growth we can observe constant growth in:

  •     Inland 5%
  •     Coastline 15%

All of that was happening in 2008, only a year ago!

One should also keep in mind that the crisis we are witnessing now will be over sooner or later. And the trends in the real estate markets will be stabilized again. The prices will rise again as they were in the past.
That is the reason why investing in Croatian Tourism is a good bargain.

Keter Invest started building a Luxury Villas resort a year ago under a trademark Fameya. The resort consists of 22 luxury villas which are in the vicinity of Pula, the »capital« of Istria region.

Keter Invest plans to have the first tourists visiting the Fameya resort in the 2010 summer season. Having that in mind, the investors will have a chance of using their website

When all Fameya villas become sold out company Keter Invest will change their website. Actually their website will remain the same; they will only change the purpose of their website from real estate business into the tourism business. On their website they will put the reservation system. So that potential clients will be able to book their holidays online.

All we can mention regarding this idea is that we are talking about a very well thought and developed marketing approach: outstanding offer needs outstanding website, Fameya is a brand name that attracts.

During the month of January and March of 2010 , Keter Invest company plans an exquisite marketing action. Despite the fact that the prices of real estate in the region are staying the same as the year before, Keter Invest is offering a 23% reduction of prices for the villas.

The price for a square meter of a Fameya Villa will be 1598 EUR NET price for living area of property. That is actually 25% lower price as all other properties in the Istria region. Similar properties are valued more than 2100 EUR per square meter NET for the living area.

Doing this, Keter Invest wishes to offer the incentive to the prospective investors. Return on Investment by our calculations is less than 10 years. On the other hand, Keter Invest puts great expectations on the upcoming season of 2010. And off course, so do the investors that decided to invest into Villas Fameya and Croatian tourism so far.

You can get more information about Villas Fameya on their website:


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