Midbrook Offers New Ozorinse Water Purification System

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Midbrook Ozorinse Water Purification System uses powerful ozone technology to provide purified water. Featuring an easy to use set up and simple installation, the Ozorinse system is a versatile solution for companies or individuals that want to harness the benefits of ozone water purification.

Because installation is simple and the unit is so compact, Ozorinse works well anywhere that has a need for water purification, including homes and small businesses

Midbrook, Inc., a Jackson, MI based manufacturer and developer of cleaning and decontamination equipment, has announced their latest development - the Ozorinse Water Purification and Ozonation System.

The Ozorinse system uses patented Veri-Pure Ozone Water Purification technology to deliver clean and safe water with bacteria killing capability.

By using ozone, a natural substance, the user can kill bacteria with the water by spraying or soaking surfaces, as well as attack food borne pathogens that may be present without using chemicals.

Ozone was first recognized for its success in water treatment in 1906 and has been refined and implemented around the world since then. New advances in ozone technology have brought the power of ozone treatment into widespread use by making ozone units smaller and more affordable. The Ozorinse is a prime example of easier to use ozone technology. Ozorinse is a small unit (11.5”L x 7”W x 5.5”H) that can be installed (over or under counter) anywhere with a water connection.

The versatility of Ozorinse allows the product to be used in a variety of applications – grocery stores, hospitals, medical care facilities, homes, or anywhere else that has a need for purified water.

“Because installation is simple and the unit is so compact, Ozorinse works well anywhere that has a need for water purification, including homes and small businesses,” said Ozorinse Product Manager Tammy Vannest.

In addition to purifying water, the Ozorinse water stream is used by some grocery stores to keep produce, meat and seafood fresh for a longer period of time by killing bacteria as it develops.

The Ozorinse system improves upon current ozone technology, by creating a system that fits into a smaller space, is easier to install, and is simple to use.

The disinfection process utilizes the unique properties of ozone to eliminate undesirable characteristics that may develop and grow on the food, while maintaining a clean taste and leaving no residues. Ozone is an unstable molecule, and it readily gives up an atom of oxygen in reactions, which makes it a powerful oxidizing agent. This oxidation makes ozone toxic to many water-borne pathogens.

When ozone is applied to water, by corona discharge with the Ozorinse system, the water undergoes multiple chemical reactions that result in the oxidization of the contaminants, which leads to their subsequent elimination from the water.

In addition to applying ozone to the water stream on a continuous basis, the Ozorinse runs water through two filters; one is a sediment filter that further eliminates particle contamination, while the second is a carbon filter to remove smell and taste from water.

“Ozorinse provides a safe, chemical free way to treat water through a patented dual filter technology and by adding the natural power of ozone it can also be used to kill bacteria,” said Vannest.

Ozorinse can assist organizations interested in meeting Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards.

The HACCP describes a systematic preventative approach to food safety that addresses hazards before inspection. By identifying potential hazards, the organization creates Critical Control Points where steps are taken to reduce or eliminate potential threats. Ozorinse water treatment can be employed at these points to ward off food borne pathogens and bacteria, helping organizations in their HACCP goals.

The wide-ranging application of the Ozorinse system is an exciting prospect for Midbrook.

“We think this is going to be a highly effective product for people looking to not only make their water cleaner, but also use ozonated water to kill bacteria,” said Midbrook Business Development Director Jamie Crowley.

“Combining the power of ozonation with an easy to use filtering system, the Ozorinse makes it easy to use in any building that has a need for water and bacterial reduction,” said Crowley.

For more information on Ozorinse, contact Midbrook.


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