CANIDAE Pet Foods and The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank Provide Over 200,000 Meals to Portland Animals

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With an unprecedented donation from CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods, The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank in Portland, Oregon is able to distribute over 200,000 meals to needy animals in just over one month, helping to keep families together in challenging economic times.

Numerous folks told me that, without us, they could not keep their companion pets

CANIDAE Pet Foods, Inc. (, a manufacturer of all natural holistic pet foods that are fed and recommended by thousands of certified breeders and rescue organizations throughout North America, donated $125,000 USD worth of premium pet food to The Pongo Fund, which has allowed Founder Larry Chusid to fulfill his vision of helping families in need stay together by ensuring that they are able to feed their companion animals.

Chusid and his team of volunteers open The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank every second and fourth Sunday of the month. Sunday, December 13, 2009 -- only their third Sunday officially open to the public -- was their most successful yet with a two week supply of food for hundreds of dogs and cats being distributed.

"Numerous folks told me that, without us, they could not keep their companion pets," said Chusid, who continued, "and we're not done yet! Many guests took the time to call and tell me how much they appreciated the respect and kindness they received, along with the super high-quality food. Our most special guest of the day was Maya, a 10-year-old girl who decided that her $100 birthday money should be used to feed the hungry pets. She joined us, along with her grandparents, and signed bags of CANIDAE that were then given to our guests. I received a special email from Paul, grandfather of Maya. He said that she was all smiles and couldn't stop talking about her visit the rest of the day."

In an email to The Pongo Fund, CANIDAE donation recipient Dennis Diciglio wrote, "I was at The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank a few weeks ago and you offered us two bags of CANIDAE dog food. Not long ago my son ran into some family friends who had a Bull Mastiff puppy, 6 months old and about 75 lbs., named Jasper, that they could not afford to keep. To my surprise we quickly became Jasper's new home. Our Lab grew up on CANIDAE Lamb and Rice and of course that's what we wanted to feed the newcomer. Luckily my son found The Pongo Fund online and Larry came to the rescue. Our Lab, Grizzley, loves the CANIDAE Lamb and Rice Dog Food and Jasper practically inhales it. Thank you for bridging the gap in these very trying times."

In addition to receiving free super-premium pet food, recipients are given nutritional information and tips for safely transitioning their dogs to an all natural, premium diet. All recipients are invited to return every two weeks to receive more food for their companion animals, so long as they have a need.

"A lot of these folks were surprised to find that they needed less CANIDAE than the pet foods from grocery stores they were used to feeding," said CANIDAE Sales Manager Jon Tingle. "We explained that because CANIDAE doesn't contain the corn, wheat and fillers that some other brands do, there is a lot more nutrition in each pound."

The Pongo Fund Pet Food Bank is open the second and fourth Sunday of every month. Details at

About The Pongo Fund:
Founded in 2007 by Larry Chusid, The Pongo Fund has provided over 200,000 quality meals to the dogs and cats of the needy and homeless in and around the Portland, Oregon area, helping to protect these animals from being abandoned or surrendered simply because their families cannot afford to feed them. The Pongo Fund is an all volunteer charity and the only program specifically designed to consistently provide quality dog and cat food to the animals of anyone in need. Their address is PO Box 8244, Portland, Oregon, 97207. The Pongo Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.

About CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods:
Founded out of love for pets and animals, CANIDAE Pet Food, Inc. manufactures and distributes a complete line of healthy meat-based, holistic, all natural dog food, cat food, and gourmet pet treats sold worldwide through independent pet food retailers including over 7,000 locations throughout the United States and Canada. For the most recent information about CANIDAE and its line of healthy pet products, visit

About Responsible Pet Ownership:
In accordance with its philosophy of promoting Responsible Pet Ownership through proper nutrition and care, CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods is the title sponsor of the Responsible Pet Ownership blog which provides helpful tips and advice for caring pet owners. This daily RPO blog exists as a free service to all pet owners, offering articles from a range of professional pet authors on topics such as natural nutrition, training and exercise, veterinarian care, planned breeding, spaying and neutering, and supporting reputable breeders and rescue groups. Pet owners can subscribe to these informative daily articles at


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