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The WomensVille Community is behind America's Hottest Book, "Sister, We Need to Talk." International Women's Event Producer, Nancy Kerner says, “An Inspiring and Relationship Saving Book...I'm excited to point women towards WomensVille, who want to discover how to keep their marriage fun, healthy and sexy for 50 years or more!"

"If you are having trouble with your relationship and you want to turn it around, then run, don't walk to get this book!" Say's, Relationship Expert, Nancy Kerner.

WomensVille's, "Sister We Need to Talk" is written for Single Corporate Women who are looking for Sound Relationship Advice. "Making clear distinctions between Work and Relationships is the main focus of "Sister, We Need to Talk," says 38 year old Author, Andrea MacLeod.

Surprisingly, Married Women are also benefitting from "Sister We Need to Talk," and are telling their friends, "It could save your marriage."

MacLeod suggests that Women's Groups don't generally work unless a weekly structure is put into place and strict guidelines are enforced. "Women are masters at finding loop holes" says MacLeod, "Any excuse women can find to bail on their commitments they will. So we've created a space for women to connect, and build trust, by relating to each others stories. No need to commit, just show up, whenever you like. I know women will like it that way," says MacLeod." It's a support group at your fingertips."

Women are told, "No Room for Acting like Teenagers Ladies." Says MacLeod, founder of WomensVille.
"Women who take the advice and get negative results are encouraged to blog about what they did, step by step, in hopes that she, the blogger will come up with the answer, on her own about what didn't work.
Breakthroughs happen when women get to see for themselves where they messed up in their relationships."

Why do you think women will listen to you Andrea, you say in your book that "Women Don't Trust Other Women?"
"Good Question. I have spent over 20 years meeting face to face, weekly, with Women Who Care about the Quality of their Relationships. I've witnessed hundreds of scenarios that have dazzled me with a curiosity as to why, these ebbs and flows of relationship-life occur. I've been able to understand why it is, that some women can turn everything around on a dime while others, who seem to have it all together, keep failing miserably in their relationships? I've been personal coaching for the last 10 years and have seen tremendous results from the women who listen, and act. I've decided to put what I preach into a book, so that I don't have to be on the phone so much."

"Sister We Need to Talk," is fueled by MacLeod's curiosity and evidence searching will, to make sense of the ridiculous dynamics between men and women. It's entertaining, fun and valuable."


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