Church of God New Online Bible Study Outlines Christian Conversion

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The United Church of God takes an innovative approach to spreading information about Christian conversion. Instead of simply waiting for those interested to attend services, the Church has begun offering free publications on conversion, presented in innovative ways. The new online bible study course on conversion has quickly become one of the most popular. This course and other publications are aimed at helping individuals learn about conversion to the Christianity religion. The Church of God continuously explores new ways of reaching out to people around the world.

The United Church of God has taken it upon itself to share with the world the word of Jesus Christ, and one vehicle used is the online bible study course. Rather than simply building churches and hoping people will come, the Church of God takes an innovative approach to teaching about conversion to the Christianity religion. The Church offers numerous publications, as well as its websites, which provide countless resources that can help individuals learn more the Kingdom of God. One of the most popular is the new online bible study course on conversion.

This publication and other work done by the Church assists others in their goal to one day enjoy the Kingdom of God. The online bible study courses offered by the Church of God can be a tremendous help for anyone seeking a pathway to God.

As explained in Lesson 8 of the new online bible study course by the Church of God, conversion to the Christianity religion is quite simple, but yet a very deep process; it is based on an acceptance of God and a repentance of one's sins. While this sounds simple, it involves much soul searching and hard work. It requires that the individual be willing to live life in a way that is pleasing to God. Of course, simply being a good person by showing kindness to others is a good start, but, as the Church of God teaches, learning about God is an important part of the Christianity religion.

The new, free online bible study course presented by the United Church of God offers details that can clear up any confusion one may have on this or other subjects related to Christianity. The Christian Church works to fulfill its mission of spreading the word of Jesus Christ to people around the world in an effort to help others better understand and receive the gospel about the Christianity religion.

About United Church of God:

The United Church of God has taken on as its mission the massive task of spreading the word of Jesus Christ. This is a huge undertaking that the Church of God does not take lightly. By offering various types of online publications and resources, in addition to lectures and sermons, the church has been able to reach thousands and thousands of people on an annual basis. Because the Church is aware that full comprehension of the Bible is not always easy, it offers free Bible study courses that help to unlock some of the mysteries pertaining to the Christianity religion. Because Christian conversion may be one of the least understood aspects of Christianity, an entire lesson is devoted to that topic.


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