Online Bible Study Can Enhance Home School Curriculum

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The United Church of God has begun providing free curriculum for homeschooling parents. It's not often that we get anything for free anymore, but the Church of God offers numerous publications and courses, all without cost. These courses are perfect tools for Christian home-schooling parents. As more parents move away from sending their children to schools that do not allow mention of God and the Bible, they are looking for ways to incorporate Bible Scripture into their children's daily studies. The Church's online bible study course is an excellent resource and tool for educating children about life's major questions.

The United Church of God takes its mission to spread the word of Jesus seriously, and helping home-schooling parents is a part of that goal. Many Christian families now home school their children so they can include God in the curriculum. The United Church of God understands the many dilemmas these families face, including the expense of a quality curriculum, and wants to help. One way it does is through its countless, free publications.

Home-schooling parents have found that the online bible study course can assist in answering those all important questions pertaining to the so-called mysteries of life. The free bible study provides easy explanations as well as supportive Bible scripture.

Dealing with issues that are 'part of growing up in this society' can sometimes be the most difficult matters for parents to confront. This includes issues such as ideas related to evolution and widely accepted thoughts about the beginning of/meaning of Christmas. Information about this issue is covered in some of the free bible study material as well as in the following video:

The United Church of God provides numerous publications, some of which are geared toward the younger audiences. While the magazines and online bible study courses cover basic topics related to life issues, the publications also include information about cutting-edge topics people are dealing with in today's modern world. This has proven to be an excellent tool for home schooling parents.

The many sermons that are recorded and presented on United Church of God's website offer another way to spread the word of Jesus as they elaborate on topics discussed in the online bible study course. This helps solidify knowledge and/or clear confusion.

About United Church of God:

The United Church of God has many goals and purposes. One goal is to ease the burden for home-schooling parents. The free study courses and other publications have proven to be excellent enhancements to Christian-based home-school curriculums. The Church offers online bible study as well as numerous publications. The United Church of God provides countless sermons that are often recorded and presented on its website. Many home-schooling parents have found the free bible study course to be an extremely effective teaching tool. These various ways of reaching out to people have resulted in the Church becoming very well known across the nation and around the globe.


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