Kingdom of God - New United Church of God Sermons Help Worshipers Find Its Many Front Doors

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The United Church of God believes that there are many front doors to the Kingdom of God, and its new sermons help worshipers find the right one for them. If you turn on the news or read the newspaper in any town across the nation or the world, you are likely to see almost all bad news, from news of wars and disasters to news of automobile crashes and crimes. But fortunately, through the ongoing efforts of this Church, you can hear about the Kingdom of Heaven and how you can enter through one of its many doors.

The United Church of God has accepted as its mission to spread the word of Jesus Christ and teach people of the world about the Kingdom of Heaven. This means the Church must teach others about salvation - how they can be saved and how they can enter the Kingdom of God. The Church of God has decided to take an extremely aggressive approach to this mission. This can be seen in its new sermons, which are viewable in video form on United Church of God's website. Additionally, the Church continues to produce countless publications and courses, which are offered online as well as in print, and many are available in several languages. This innovative and aggressive approach enables the Church to reach a wider range of people than ever before, sharing information about how to enter the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The first thing that the Church teaches in its new sermons is the meaning of salvation. It is important for anyone who wants to receive the message to understand that salvation through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection is central to the gospel message. It is vital that one realizes the significance of the fact that Jesus Christ died, was buried, and was resurrected. This is an amazing part of the gospel, and salvation cannot be discussed without reference being made to these events. Without this knowledge, one is not likely to seek entrance to the Kingdom of God.

Another theme form a new sermon is that eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven means that one will no longer be a mortal human, but instead will be an immortal son of God. All who enter the Kingdom of God are a part of God's family - they are God's children.

Finally, the new sermons touch on baptism as another door to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is the symbolism of burying the impurities in water and emerging a purified being ready to live life for God.

With its new sermons, United Church of God will work hard to prepare people in order that they will be prepared to enter the Kingdom of God.

About United Church of God:

The United Church of God aggressively works to spread the Word of Jesus Christ in order to prepare people to enter the Kingdom of God. The goal is to use as many approaches as possible in order to connect with as many individuals as possible. Although the Kingdom of Heaven does not belong to an exclusive few - there are certain requirements of those who gain entry. The Church attempts to share those requirements with people around the world and to show them how to live the kind of life that God wants them to live. This is the way to enter the Kingdom of God.


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