President of the World Foundation for Peace and Security Announced that the Iran Threat is Imminent

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Admiral P.Kikareas, President of the World Foundation for Peace and Security, is world wide known strong military thinker promoting the World Stability and Crisis Management for several years. His last assessment is that Iran's threat after the decision of its President to continue its ambitious nuclear program is imminent.

After the last statement of the President of Iran that he will continue his ambitious nuclear program without transparency, disregarding the opinion of the United Nations and the rest of the free World, Admiral P.Kikareas, President of the World Foundation of Peace and Security, made the following announcement.

Kikareas says that the World Foundation for Peace and Security has assessed, since almost 18 months ago, that the situation should had been faced more decisively since then, as it was clear that nothing could stop the Iran extremes from building up their nuclear war capabilities.

Iran is ten times stronger than it was last year and is not afraid of anyone, as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated in his recent open announcement. The USA, the UN, and the free world in general have waited too long, trying to find a best solution for Iran and its Citizens, to obtain nuclear capabilities for peace energy projects through transparent processes, which should guaranty that Iran, will not move on to create nuclear war capabilities.

A lot of time has been lost and the world situation has changed a lot. Sanctions taken did not stop the extremes of Iran from their aggressive actions. The people of Iran oppose these tactics but can do nothing to stop them. They live in a great poverty and a dictatorship, which doesn't allow them to participate in this destructive decision-making.

The Iran regime is taking advantage from the two wars that USA is currently involved in, in Iraq and Afghanistan. From the Middle East sensitive situation and the proxy armies, that Iran is influencing in Lebanon, Palestine, and the terrorist groups existing covered and uncovered around the world.    

The world major powers must understand that dragging this situation in time will obviously lead to a nuclear built Middle East and a most likely nuclear general war to occur.

The Iran case has to be solved not later than now. It must be handled with great care and decisive strong actions. Delaying more to stop this threat, it will surely cost a lot to the peace of the humanity.

Unfortunately it seems clear now more than ever before, that only military power might prevent us from a major catastrophic war, which would cost us to lose millions of lives.

This period the Christians are celebrating Christmas, which is the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, whose teachings are love your neighbor, as you love yourself. He was crucified for his teachings and from the cross He forgave his crucifiers. This is why he is called the King of Peace. If we follow His teachings then there is hope that peace might come back on earth.

Kikareas wishes that the Almighty God would grant to the world leaders this inside peace and wisdom. If this happens, then they will take the necessary actions for peace and understanding.

Admiral P.Kikareas (ret) PhD
Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc.
World Foundation For Peace & Security
Founder and President

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