Don't Blame Bush or Obama - Create Better Karma in 2010 with Laura Fair Rose Now Available at Amazon Kindle

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Living in the recession will create outcomes liked or disliked, but you can change your life by creating more positive thoughts in the brain. Reading Laura Fair Rose (now available in Amazon Kindle edition) will pave the way to better thinking and better karma in 2010.

Thoughts are real things. For example, worrying about getting the bills paid, working out, losing one's home, being lonely, going on vacation, having fun, getting married, having a baby, getting rich, becoming famous, living in the recession, and et cetera will create outcomes liked or disliked. Sustained thoughts and emotions produce either positive results or negative results. Thoughts and living conditions contain psychological and cognitive mechanisms. Social scientists and physicians, based on bio-information theory in the area of quantum physics, have examined how thoughts are created and how those thoughts lead to certain emotional reactions, or behavioral changes.

Bio-information theory and quantum physics premise that cues are picked up from the incoming information of sight and sound. Cues are personal signals meaning different things to different people. The incoming cues give focal awareness that will lighten up certain nodes in the brain. The activated nodes will radiate an associative pathway that connects the information in the cues to other nodes that contains semantically related information.

In author Gene Geter’s latest book, Laura Fair Rose, Geter writes how people are creating karma (positive results or negative results) for themselves and others by their thoughts. The future basically is made up of all the actions the entire human race does in the present. Understanding the essence of quantum physics helps people build positive thoughts about their lives. In the realms of quantum physics, there is a saying that “the more you wire, the more you fire”. This implies that practice is required to wire positive thoughts in the nodes.

The book provides a casual but considerate way of understanding good karma and positive thoughts. Geter was inspired by people who suffer from thinking negatively on a daily basis. He sees Laura Fair Rose as a way of practicing on thinking positively, and building positive karma. His unique writing style, considered succinct and original, will leave people with more room to think clearly.

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