Despite Economy Denver Pooper Scooper Turns Land Mines into Gold Mines

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Denver, Colorado dog waste removal service continues to prosper despite the economy. Pet Scoop is a 15 year old service company that specializes in the cleanup and removal of dog waste from residential yards and commercial properties.

Colorado's Preferred Pooper Scooper

The Denver economy looms over another surprisingly sunny March day. The winter has barely touched Colorado and the resorts are half-full. Many business owners are struggling to find their next customer. So, how is it that a local Denver pooper scooper business is turning land mines into a gold mine so easily?

Pet Scoop, "Colorado's Preferred Pooper Scooper" business is actually expanding. The privately-owned company is doing quite well in the economy, despite the current economic downturn. PET SCOOP is picking up...literally. They do the dirty deed of scooping the pet waste that dog owners avoid cleaning.

Craig Cole - Route Manager notes, "Professionals who work long hours during the day can't scoop the yard at night without a flashlight. Some disabled and elderly clients aren't physically able to clean the yards, so our service is a necessity."

A once unwelcomed chore, cleaning poop in the yard, has been transformed into the largest Colorado dog waste removal service. Pet Scoop, is the 2nd largest pet waste management service in North America. This year marks the 15th anniversary for the poop scooping company that was started as a part-time college job by owner, Sam Johnson.

Mr. Johnson, who has an MBA, has stated, "the company has achieved success by adhering to the fundamentals of good business. You need to offer high-quality customer service and promote employee satisfaction." To be specific, when he speaks of the client, he is also including fido the family pet. Mr. Johnson says, "we hire technicians who love being around dogs and actually want to spend time with their 'clients' ".

Pet Scoop has over 30 full-time employees. The employees receive full benefits which in today's marketplace is a blessing. Nick Reynolds, whose been with the company for five years said, "As active as I am, medical benefits are the most important thing to me." We asked Scooping Field Tech, Jim Miller, who recently worked in the declining construction industry, what he likes most about being a professional scooper? He said, "I love being outside and working on my own. Some of the dogs are my best friends."

Because of the large number of Denver cities they service, economies of scale have been crucial in maintaining very competitive pricing and low overhead. Most people might not think of a Denver poop scooping service as being sophisticated. However, their dedicated routing department uses advanced scheduling and computer mapping systems to make their routes as efficient as possible. Techs go through a 5-day training course to make sure they drive a route and scoop a yard with precision and care.

You might think Pet Scoop's success is due to the lack of competition, but that is exactly the opposite. In Colorado, there are over 25 pooper scooper companies including three national pooper-scooper franchises.

The other reason for Pet Scoop's client satisfaction is that they are turning brown into green by respecting the environmental concerns of many customers. They've partnered with Envirowagg to up-cycle the dog waste they remove with biodegradeable bags into compost. They have recently switched to 100% recycled paper for all billing and internal office printing.

Over a third of their business comes from current client referrals and restarts of previous clients. That, in conjunction with their new web marketing efforts, accounts for their 10% growth in the first few months of 2009. Mr. Johnson, declined to drop any specific names, but did say that they service a number of prominent Broncos and Nuggets sports figures.

Will the need for dog waste removal services continue to grow in Colorado? Employee's are confident that there is job security in their line of work. Mr. Cole, the route manager cheerfully said, "Denver's a huge dog town. Dogs aren't going anywhere and yet dogs are going everywhere."

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Written by Gabriel DiCristofaro


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