High Salinity Irrigation Water No Longer Effects Maximum Crop Yields With New Technology

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"It was like the salt wasn't even in my wells" and as a result "the first year the Eco1st Irrigation Enhancers were in line I could see a big difference in the growth process of the crop. I had an overall 40% increase in yield over the two fields."

Unfortunately for our nation, salt water intrusion is a serious problem that lies deep within our land and affects farmers crop production every day. America's irrigation wells and lines are filled with sodium chloride. All irrigation water contains dissolved mineral salts, but the concentration and composition of the dissolved salts vary depending on the source of the irrigation water. Usually these salts found in irrigation water will consist of sodium chloride, gypsum, magnesium sulfate, and sodium bicarbonate. This is usually classified as the total dissolved solids (TDS) or total salt concentration (TSC).

Plants draw water through their roots, up to their leaves where it evaporates to the atmosphere. This is called the evapotranspiration process. Salinity restricts the availability of water to plants by lowering the total water potential in the soil. Salinity also has an impact on crop physiology and yield. Visible injury can occur at high salinity levels. Usually, crop yield is independent of salt concentration when salinity is below some threshold level, then yield gradually decreases to zero as the salt concentration increases to the level which cannot be tolerated by a given crop. Poor quality irrigation water can cause soil-related problems with harmful effects to the entire crop. The problem occurs when the plant roots take up the salts and blockage occurs in the plants which restricts water from flowing through the plant.

One recent potato farmer who has been using the Irrigation Enhancer stated in Hastings's, Florida "The whole farming area is battling salt water intrusion in their irrigation wells. I have two sixty five acre fields that the salinity levels have really affected the potato yields. In years past the plants would never touch in the fields. The crop would reach a point and just stop growing. I searched high and low for a high salinity water solution. " This is a common problem across the nation.

The Department of Agriculture has stated that "Salinity effects the growth of plants worldwide, particularly in irrigated land where one third of the world's food is produced. And it is a problem that is only going to get worse, as pressure to use less water increases and quality of water decreases."

Farmers are needing to find new ways of "Helping plants to withstand this salty onslaught to our groundwater that will have a significant impact on world food production."

Luckily we live in a time where technology has been reinventing the wheel for the farming industry. New technology is introduced all the time to help combat issues that arise that have been here for hundreds of years. Irrigation Enahancer from "Eco1st Technology Group" in Santa Ana, California has been able to achieve normal farming results even with salt water intrusion in the water table.

One recent potato farmer from Florida that has been using the Irrigation Enhancer stated that "It was like the salt wasn't even in my wells" and as a result "the first year the Eco1st Irrigation Enhancers were in line I could see a big difference in the growth process of the crop. I had an overall 40% increase in yield over the two fields."

This new technology is simply installed into the main irrigation line and the enhanced water percolates into the soil 56% faster and easier on average according to 3rd party testing from one of California's largest water districts in Orange County. What is even better for agriculture farmers is that this process causes water to lose its ability to bond to itself or any foreign matter. Enhanced/treated water flows more easily through permeable and semi-permeable materials and is more effective for irrigation of crops.

The Irrigation Enhancer allows water to flow more easily through the soil and up into the plant's leaves allowing the plant to divert all energy to the crop rather than for survival. Micronutrients in the soil can present themselves as a restriction to this flow under normal circumstances however enhanced water flows more easily around them breaking them down into smaller micronutrients that are transported through the root membrane with the water and up into the plant. All of these incredible results equal a dramatic increase in yield on any crop type without changing any of a farmer's normal practices aside from one simple installation of the Irrigation Enhancer. This incredible technology operates without any power source, chemical free, with no operator adjustments, and is environmentally friendly.

Luckily for America and its lifelong drive for ingenuity through developing new technology, salt water intrusion can be a thing of the past.


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