Looking for a Meaningful Way to Give a Christmas Bonus? Try $2

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How to make an impact with your Christmas Bonus or Holiday Giving this year? Try $2. A "Random Act of Kindness" revolution using the rare $2 bill has swept the country. See why $2 may be the best gift of the season.

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“The minute you give someone money and ask them to help others with it, their attitude changes. It takes their mind off their own situation and makes them more grateful for what they have.”

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Think giving someone $2 won't make them smile? Think again. This Holiday season with the economy still tight and the word "bonus" tainted with images of Wall Street greed - how can individuals and companies give in a meaningful way that won't break the bank? Give $2 bills and ask that they "Pay it Forward". A "random act of kindness" revolution involving $2 bills has spread across the country this year with employees, communities and individuals reaping the joys of giving, even in the smallest amounts. Business owner Dave Theobald, President of Turman Commercial Painters (http://www.TurmanInc.com ) has seen this work first hand, "The minute you give someone money and ask them to help others with it, their attitude changes. It takes their mind off their own situation and makes them more grateful for what they have."

Theobald's company joined over 50 organizations across the country that experienced the power of giving to help others this year. Theobald gave his employees a total of $30,000 in stacks of $2 bills to "Pay it Forward" to help others in their community. Other organizations and individuals also gave money to "Pay it Forward". The amounts were given in $2 bills and varied from $2 to $700 each - but the effect was the same. "We handed out small amounts of money to our employees this summer to "do good", and you would think we had given them a million dollars to spend in the positive feedback we received," says Theobald. It is clear that by far the biggest benefit was incurred by the givers. "The opportunity to sow seeds of good in our community was a real joy to me. Some people received my small gift with wide-eyed (some tearful) and childlike joy." Another person who gave several of his $2 bills to his handy-man commented, "What fun to see a face light up in such stressful times."

A parishioner from a church in Humble, Texas who was given money to "sow seeds of good", was amazed by a single mother in need who gratefully accepted the $2 bill and then passed it to another whom she thought was needier. Another church member gave her eight $2 bills to a woman distressed over losing her housing said, "She grabbed me and hugged me so tight, so grateful for sixteen dollars. It was truly a blessing to help someone I had never seen in my life." Givers repeatedly recounted the effects of giving even a small amount, "The feeling I received from giving could only be summed up as joy."

What is so special about the $2 bills? "Because $2 bills are so rare, they standout and give people a chance to talk about them, and tell the story," says Theobald. Only 1% of the currency produced are $2 bills. Other $2 bill facts: they were discontinued but reintroduced in 1976 for the bicentennial ($2 dollars is 200 cents), and the $2 bills are one of only two bills featuring two Presidents (the other is the $5,000 bill). "Many people have never seen a $2 bill before, and some of the store clerks think they are fake," says Theobald, "they definitely are something people remember."

This holiday season if you want to show your employees or others you appreciate them, give them the gift of helping others. The expression of wonder, surprise and appreciation they get back, even from a small offering like a $2 bill, will turn out to be the best gift of the season.

For further information see Turman Commercial Painters http://www.turmaninc.com, People's Stimulus at http://www.PeoplesStimulus.org or Grace Church giving program at http://www.need2seednow.com


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