The Real Deal about Motherhood: A True Story of one Woman's Struggle to Keep From Losing Herself, her Career, and her Sanity

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What's a professional woman to do when kids and career collide?

Where Did I Go? by Author, B. Erin Wylde

In order to understand how invisible a mother can feel, you must understand how visible the woman, now only known as mommy, used to be.

Tampa Bay, Fla. -- Where Did I Go: The Personal Chronicle of a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom), as She Shares her Fulfilling, Frustrating and Often Comical Journey from Womanhood to Motherhood, by B. Erin Wylde, is a warmhearted and funny memoir that captures the experiences of a woman who leaves her profitable career to care for her two year old child suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), and her four year old son. Wylde, in her down to earth, chatting with a pal style, has written about what it’s really like when a woman has to turn away from her career to care for her family, even if it is only for a few years.

Where Did I Go? is not a how- to book, or a compilation of tips and tricks on arts and crafts or disciplinary techniques, as are many books on motherhood, but is more of a myth buster about SAHMs and motherhood in general; however, Wylde, having always been a career woman, sets the tone at the beginning of the book by formally apologizing to all SAHMs. The introduction, aptly titled, Not Too Big to Admit When I'm Wrong, debunks the myth of the Bon Bon eating, soap opera watching, women that so many still buy into.

Where Did I Go? is better described as an action novel than the usual book on motherhood. One chapter, for example, describes more serious pre-children events such as multiple career changes, date rape, over indulgence, the corporate party lifestyle, her love for writing, and the loss of loved ones. Wylde holds nothing back, and reveals the most private and painful events of her life, all in one chapter. Wylde believes this is vital because, in her own words, “In order to understand how invisible a mother can feel, you must understand how visible the woman, now only known as mommy, used to be.” For Wylde, no approach is too bizarre to help her make her point. She even transports the reader back to the late 60’s, and describes life from the perspective of a toddler, demonstrating how much life has changed, for better, and for worse.

Wylde found herself drowning in laundry, dirty diapers, and the constant demands of two young children. Wylde’s turning point began when she attended a company Christmas party with her husband, and was shocked and deeply hurt to hear former co-workers openly mocking her; the worst shock of all ,however, was when her own husband began to perceive her as more of a servant than as an equal. It was then that Wylde realized that being a full-time SAHM was much more than she bargained for, and as do many SAHMs, started to succumb to depression, fearing she was losing herself in motherhood. She made the choice to stop the pity party, get up, brush herself off, and do what she does best…write. Determined to help others in her situation, she began writing, Where Did I Go?

Written in fresh and humorous prose, Where Did I Go? will make the reader laugh, cry and consider what it means to embark on the most important and hardest profession in world...molding small children into decent human beings. Where Did I Go? describes what a woman sacrifices to be the primary caregiver for her family, and uses humor, and a few innovative tactics to help parents cope with the five alarm meltdowns, sleepless nights, and a comical approach to the more disgusting habits of all little ones. Where Did I Go? attempts to motivate worn out moms just by simple commiseration so they can put one foot in front of the other, on those days when just one more step seems impossible. Wylde believes that all mothers, working out or inside of the home, at some point will do just as she did: Wake up one day, look in the mirror, and wonder, Where Did I Go?

For promotional bookings, or for the press to request a free review copy, contact Elizabeth A. Poroslay, President of Obsidian Beach, Inc. To visit Wylde’s website, go to The Official Website of Author B. Erin Wylde. Where Did I Go?: The Personal Chronicle of a SAHM, as She Shares her Fulfilling, Frustrating and Often Comical Journey from Womanhood to Motherhood is available for sale online at Where Did I Go? on,, Obsidian Beach Online Store, and through many additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

Mother, wife, and author, B. Erin Wylde, has Degrees in Chemistry and Medical Technology, and has worked for many years in the medical, pharmaceutical and software industries, and has published multiple novels. She lives in Tampa, Florida with her family, and now holds a Director level position at a local pharmaceutical company.

Press release written by Elizabeth A. Poroslay.

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