D. R. Whitney's 'The Goddess Prophecies' Spark New Fantasy World… Print, Audio, iPhone, Movie Franchise

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Magical Lands, Epic Battles, Timeless Love ... Captured in Arthurian Scholar's New Heroic Fantasy Series with Book One: "The Cup of Immortality," Forerunner Release to Upcoming Audio Book, iPhone App and Widely Anticipated Film Adaptation http://goddessprophecies.com

THE GODDESS PROPHECIES, Book One: "The Cup of Immortality"

There are few properties of this quality around these days and it is a rare pleasure when you find one.

Newly released, debut book series, The Goddess Prophecies, by author D. R. Whitney reads like a fantasy franchise ahead of its time. Self-prophesized? Whitney's journey for creating her magical world onto the page (and the upcoming audio book, iPhone application and ultimate film adaptation), would make for yet an interesting read alone… almost twenty years in the making.

Now taking an official bow with the release of her series' Book One: "The Cup of Immortality" (Crescent Moon Press), Whitney gears for what insiders are calling the next "Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter" tome, of a new kind. "The Goddess Prophecies," an epic fantasy series, takes place from the Fourth Century A.D. to the End of Days. It follows one extraordinary family whose reign began in a time of white magic and mysticism. The last descendent of the Lady of the Lake, a modern and daring twenty-something inherits a mysterious Ruby Amulet and, unaware of her noble lineage, her portentous dreams lead her on an epic heroic quest. The heroine becomes an instant target as she soon finds she is being followed by two secret societies - a centuries-old underground organization, and the last of the knights from Charlemagne come calling - and will do anything to obtain the Relic. Both want to stop her from finding out the truth: that she carries a secret that could rock the world.

Filmmaker Armand Mastroianni is the latest among Hollywood players to enter the pool of development interest in The Goddess Prophecies:

"I found the book to be innovative in a genre that had virtually every aspect of the literary fantasy world explored. The tale is immediately enthralling, creating fascinating characters involved in a captivating plot. I continually encounter statistics about fantasy-based films which reinforce my belief that 'The Goddess Prophecies,' made into 3D, can become a fantastic and engrossing film viewer experience as well as a worldwide box office success. This further reinforces my belief that the new 3D technology is the future of the film industry. Consider that 3D screenings have outperformed their 2D counter-parts by more than double in attendance rates and over three times in revenue. "

As is every novelist's dream to have Hollywood knocking on their door, Whitney, whose twenty-year journey for creating her magical world onto the page, has earned that knock: http://www.box.net/shared/5lo3o4ma3j. Mastroianni's development interest sends a clear message about creating a serious presence in the fantasy market, as otherwise claimed by such titles as "Harry Potter" or "Lord of the Rings." Adds Mastroianni, "There are few properties of this quality around these days and it is a rare pleasure when you find one." Among numerous films to his credit Mastroianni also directed the film, "The Celestine Prophecy," based on the bestselling book by James Redfield, and as co-produced by Barnet Bain ("What Dreams May Come").

Dynamic, immersive, and bound to captivate audiences with wonder and enchantment, The Goddess Prophecies has been developed as a multi-book series in anticipation of its widespread demand, from page to screen. Whitney has already begun work on the second installment of her fantasy franchise with "The Witches Hammer," to be followed by "The Scepter of Royalty," "The Platter of Plenty," and a subsequent volume, "The Orb of Majesty."

With the current release of Book One: "The Cup of Immortality," the companion audio book (soon wrapping production), is expected to break the paradigms of what is available in the audio book market, if not raising the bar for an ultimate audio experience - transcending listeners into 'real time' visualized entertainment. Must be listened, to be seen. As a follow-up release to coincide with the audio book, an iPhone application is also under way.

With the emergence of Whitney's first book, the distinguished John Paine offers his praise (notably recognized among New York's publishing elite, including his editorial work at Penguin Group USA): "'The Cup of Immortality' by D.R. Whitney is a highly original fantasy. It weaves back and forth between a traditional setting and a striking alternative world set in modern times. With its well-realized characters and stirring action, I would recommend it to any reader for a fresh voice in fantasy. It's a beautifully crafted and conceptualized series."

The Goddess Prophecies was inspired by a series of dreams that led author and Arthurian scholar, Whitney, to England where she ultimately wrote her epic fantasy. A successful entrepreneur, experienced in writing for media, Whitney changed the course of her life when she became fascinated with Arthurian and Celtic studies; ultimately making it her life's work. Next to the current book, the upcoming audio book and iPhone application, the series' multi-media entertainment will include the film adaptation, video game, animated/live-action feature, soundtrack, and the live operatic musical stage event.

The singularity and passion of Whitney's vision, imagination and her command of the subject matter continues to attract the interest and support of some of the top talent in the world. As best exemplified by the blockbuster success of "Harry Potter," "Lord of the Rings," and "Chronicles of Narnia" - from the page to the screen and stage - fantasy is currently the most successful and sought-after literary/entertainment genre of all media.

Mastroianni further states. "Escapism into other worlds has always held a special fascination for film audiences, as we know from the huge box office success of such films as 'Harry Potter,' 'The Lord of the Rings,' and 'The Chronicles of Narnia.' I do believe 'The Goddess Prophecies' would make an epic film and be a huge success at the box office. It offers so much for the viewer including a constantly changing visual landscape, which with today's technology and advances with computer generated effects, affords unlimited possibilities."

Stay tuned for the breakthrough genre audio book and iPhone application of The Goddess Prophecies, the ultimate multi-media experience in fantasy entertainment… coming near you!

Available for purchase at bookstores, Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com and at: http://goddessprophecies.com.

The Goddess Prophecies, Book One: "The Cup of Immortality"
Trade Paperback
360 Pages
Crescent Moon Press
ISBN: 978-0981848433

For more information, please also visit: http://goddessprophecies.com.


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