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Karma Snack is a private Internet Marketing agency that specializes in some of the most advanced marketing, data analysis, and branding techniques for their private list of clients. Due to exclusivity agreements, which all Karma Snack clients can have, clients have enjoyed the great growth in the down economy when compared against their competitors. Karma Snack is now offer free internet marketing services consultation to online businesses.

Karma Snack - Internet Marketing Agency

"Free web marketing consultation to any online business regardless if they are a client or not. The goal is to create lasting business relationships with small, medium, and large size online retailers.

Karma Snack is a private Internet Marketing agency that specializes in some of the most advanced marketing, data analysis, and branding techniques for their private list of clients. Due to exclusivity agreements, which all Karma Snack clients can have, clients have enjoyed the great growth in the down economy when compared against their competitors. Karma Snack is now offering free internet marketing services consultation to online businesses.

Online businesses can sign up for free internet marketing consulting by request an invitation to the Karma Snack Newsletter or call (541) 805-2762 to discuss with a consultant about some of newest online marketing strategies being deployed by top online retailers and web business. There is no timeframe or limit on phone consultations. The benefit Karma Snack gains from this is the opportunity to create lasting relationships with small, medium and large size web businesses.

Customer Service
Karma Snack's main source of new business is through referrals of satisfied clients. Karma Snack routinely communicates not only through their "Snackboard" project management system, but has account managers go on location to clients to discuss current marketing efforts, new marketing initiatives, and social media strategies to increasing traffic, and most importantly sales at least once every other week. Modeled as a private concierge or consulting service that comes with any level of marketing campaign. Clients can ask questions they have or talk about integrating offline promotional campaigns with their new online efforts. When going with Karma Snack, they control and manage ALL of their client's Internet marketing services efforts. This is a great comfort to clients who may not understand certain aspects of web marketing but still want to maximize ROI.

Attention To Detail
Karma Snack prides itself on it attention to details from every level of the website. From the w3 validation to make sure everyone, including disabled persons, can access the website, to the beautiful design work that dazzles and engage the targeted audience's eyes. Web statistics state that online businesses have 5 seconds to grab the attention of a website visitors. Karma Snack utilizes some of the most advanced proprietary user experience technology to measure and understand how a user interacts on each page of a client's website. The use of A/B Split testing, customer feedback solutions, and data analysts helps Karma Snack create higher ROI for their client's marketing efforts.

Complete transparency
Clients have full transparency of knowing what is going on with their marketing campaign, access to 24 hour client service, and a direct cell phone numbers of their account managers, as well as direct line to all of top managers at Karma Snack.

The Team
Lead by the CEO, Eric Rosado, the strong sales force and client services team gives exceptional consultations to potential clients and provides in-depth, detailed knowledge to clients about their marketing campaigns. Rosado has managed and grown small cap companies to multi-million dollar corporations through his skillful sales and marketing abilities.

The Brand Director and CTO, Adelard Gasana leads the SEO, Social Media, and Marketing department. With an in-depth knowledge of the Internet, online marketing, programming, design, and technology that Gasana has been tuning since 1995, he is the driving force behind the majority of the marketing and branding campaigns for Karma Snack's private clientele.

Exclusivity Agreement
One of the most recent private clients of Karma Snack is the City of Miami Beach, Florida. Karma Snack helped redesign and reduce costs for the Miami Beach InCard, which helps promotion local business to current Miami Beach residents and boosts tourism in a down economy. Karma Snack's attention to detail has helped several business that are members of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce in getting exceptional results as well. Increasing traffic and sales, reducing un-necessary marketing costs, and providing a higher ROI is the goal for every campaign that Karma Snack runs.

Karma Snack's exclusivity contract allows clients strength their online positions under the radar of the competition in the early stages of their campaign. The main reason for this is the tremendous growth rate of each unique marketing campaign.

Karma Snack sale's department states a 217% growth rate in traffic within the first 3 months of every marketing campaign, along with an increase in traffic, which converts into sales/leads (conversion) by more than 400%.

Karma Snack also boasts a 100% retention rate for clients that are accepted by the company. The company doesn't work with every potential customer, but selects clients based on their particular industry, position, and niche. Currently Karma Snack has a 2-month waiting list in several industries due to the high demand for their skill set. CEO Eric Rosado explains, "Karma Snack does not want to work with everyone in an industry. Conflicts of interests are the main reason.”

Brand director and CTO Adelard Gasana provides further explanations by stating "A marketing company working with 2 competing companies in the same industry in the same area, it's an obvious conflict of interest. Most SEO companies just take on any and everyone, which leads to customers not being treated fairly, and bidding wars to get the attention of the Miami SEO Company for a particular niche or industry. So if client 'A' has more money this month than client 'B' that is in the same industry the SEO company is going to service client 'A' better. That's not fair to client 'B', which is also paying to rank in the search engines. That’s not good Karma."

Karma Snack Culture
Karma Snack's culture is also very important when they select a client to work with. Karma Snack promotes an environment of ideas, and creativity from all levels of the agency. Several ideas that have helped in marketing efforts of their private clients have come from the creativity of the employees working late at night. The family culture that is promoted within the company gives room to foster ideas, and "not be afraid to tell them".

As a fast growing and successful marketing company Karma Snack's slogan "Results are the only thing that matter" speaks volume to anyone looking for a fresh start with their online marketing efforts. Since Karma Snack doesn't work with every potential customer they have partnered up with some of the best in the business in which they will refer clients to that will give them the attention they need for their online business.

Karma Snack 2.1
Visit the new Karma Snack website for even more information, tips, tricks, knowledge about internet marketing services. Requesting an invitation to the online marketing consulting newsletter can be done by visiting the Karma Snack website.

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