Work-At-Home Dad To The Rescue! - Barack Levin May Revolutionize Parenting in America

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Barack Levin’s newly published book and blog: The Diaper Chronicles – A stay at home dad’s quest for raising great kids, provides a fresh and unique approach to an age-old question: “How can I raise independent, confident and well behaved kids?”

Parenting should be fun, enjoyable and rewarding and not a growling everyday grinding.

In today’s society, where parents often seem to be more controlled by their children than the other way around, Barack Levin presents an exciting alternative to traditional parenting. In his book and blog he describes a new child-rearing philosophy. In the process he identifies a number of parenting techniques and philosophies that are “contrary” to many accepted practices and designed to raise independent, well-behaved, free-range kids. Levin, a work and stay-at-home dad, who has taken some very non-traditional and alternative parenting approaches to parenting – with great results, introduces in his book, new theories such as the 4N Theory and The Power of No which can be used by parents to regain control over their kids.

Levin, who uses some uncommon and often counter-intuitive parenting techniques in raising his two children– a son, Eden, 5 and daughter, Oriane, 4, has also busted some parenting myths along the way, which he writes extensively about. For instance:

  • Yes, you can raise kids in a non-childproofed house.
  • “The terrible twos” are not terrible at all.
  • Kids do love to eat their vegetables.
  • Attention deficit can be turned into attention “surplus.”
  • Tantrums are easily avoidable.
  • Kids can easily become tri-lingual.
  • Placebos work great on kids, avoiding the use of chemicals on their little bodies.
  • You can start potty-training your children when they’re as young as 11 months old!
  • An afternoon nap doesn’t affect night-time sleeping.
  • "Sugar Rush" has nothing to do with sugar.
  • And more.

The Diaper Chronicles is also a book about a young father’s dying wish to raise great kids. Levin (Israeli) was diagnosed at 26 with an irreversibly fatal kidney disease. Despite this grim prediction, he and his French wife, Michelle, decided to start a family. Knowing he was living on borrowed time, and despite everyone he knew telling him he was crazy, he decided to become a stay-at-home dad and shoulder most of the responsibility of caring for his son for the first year of his life (and, potentially, the last twelve months of his own).


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