The Mayan Prophecy Is Shown to Be Just One of Many Predicting a New Age or World's End in 2012

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A new and expanded edition of the book, The Truth: What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012, unveils prophecies by St. Malachy, Mother Shifton, Nostradamus, Merlin, Edgar Cayce, the Hopi Indians and others that appear to be in sync with the belief of the ancient Maya that the end of the world as we know it is near.

Apparently, the Maya were not the only ones to predict that the end of the world as we know it would take place at approximately this time in history. A newly expanded edition of the 2008 critically acclaimed release, The Truth: What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012, provides information on at least half a dozen seers in addition to the Maya who foresaw big changes in store for human kind. Although dates are sketchy in most, many seem to point to the early decades of the twenty first century.

The book's author, Stephen Hawley Martin, said, "The Maya were accomplished astronomers and knew the Earth and our solar system will cross the center of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012. Called the Galactic Alignment, this event is not an everyday occurrence. The Sun will line up with the black hole at the center of the galaxy, and that happens just once every 25,800 years. Will the black hole's huge gravitational pull cause Earth changes, such as a shift in location of the earth's poles? No one can know for sure. We will have to wait and see."

Martin went on to say that the Maya did not necessarily believe the world would end, but that a shift to higher consciousness and a new age might be the result. This coincides with what modern astrologers tell us, that we are moving from the Age of Pices into the Age of Aquarius. The possibility of such an outcome can also be inferred from prophecies Martin has added to the new edition of his book. For example, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), perhaps the best known and most documented psychic of the twentieth century, foresaw a shift in the locations of the poles, as well as the coming of a new age that would be marked by a higher level of peace, harmony, and understanding among humans.

"What surprised me," Martin said, "was how similar many of these prophecies are. Yet, they were made years apart by people who probably didn't know the others existed. For example, Merlin, whom we've come to know from the legend of King Author, probably lived in the sixth or seventh century. St. Malachy made his predictions, most of which have already occurred, in the twelfth century. Mother Shifton, who was from England, and Nostradamus, who was French, made theirs in the sixteenth century, and of course, John the Apostle, who wrote the Book of Revelation, lived in the first century."

The Truth: What You Must Know Before December 21, 2012 is published in trade paperback by The Oaklea Press and retails for $14.95. To be certain of obtaining the new edition, readers are advised to purchase the book at the publisher's Web site,


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