U.S. News University Directory’s Three Hot Careers for 2010

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Find Out What the Most Secure, Lucrative and Rapidly Expanding Fields of the Next Decade Will Be

The nation’s top careers seem to change every decade or so; it’s just the way things work in the dynamic economies of the western world. In the 1980s, extraordinary success was achieved with a business administration degree. In the 1990s it was computer programming, and in the 2000s it was web design. As a new decade dawns, those who can foresee what the new hot careers are going to be will have the opportunity to get the training and experience they need to excel. For many years to come, three of the most secure, lucrative and rapidly expanding fields will be nursing, project management and software engineering.

Almost all healthcare careers are growing, largely due to an aging population and medical advances that allow people to live much longer. Nurses man the front lines of this field, doing everything from admitting first-time patients to managing the daily care of those who require long-term treatment or rehabilitation.

With one year of training at a vocational school or community college and a passing score on the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), those who want to enter this field can become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). LPNs often handle the essential daily tasks of patient care, such as bringing meals and giving medication. Earning an associate’s degree in nursing and passing the NCLEX can secure licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN). RNs generally receive higher pay than LPNs and have greater responsibility for the welfare of their patients.

A four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) is also preparation for the NCLEX and an RN license, but entering the field with this degree typically brings better opportunities for advancement. In fact, most nursing employers now consider a BSN the entry point for professional nursing practice. Becoming an advanced practice nurse – including a clinical nurse leader (CNL), nurse anesthetist (CRNA) or nurse practitioner (NP) – requires a graduate-level education, but such professionals are in high demand and often earn six-figure salaries.

Project Management
Project management certification is becoming one of the most popular – and one of the most lucrative – administration credentials in both the business and technology fields. Project managers typically supervise a diverse group of employees for the duration of a particular project, breaking down tasks into manageable elements and allocating resources where needed. Afterwards they move on to another project involving a different staff and different tasks, at least in part.

Once a project manager has a few years of experience in this field, earning a Project Management Professional® (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute® (PMI) is usually the next step. PMP certification is the most important industry-recognized credential for project managers; earning a PMP certificate can make a professional working in this field indispensible to their current employer, and will also help get their resume noticed when they’re looking for a new job.

Software Engineering
Software engineers – sometimes known as software architects – create, test, maintain and update the software that allows computers to perform their functions. But software engineers do more than code in a computer language; they are often responsible for all phases of software design and development, from coming up with initial concepts to engineering completed products.

A software engineering bachelor’s degree is often required to break into this field. Those who want to advance into a leadership position or land a top job with a major company may well need years of experience, a master’s degree, or both. In any case, efforts toward such a goal are almost certain to be well-rewarded; software engineering is predicted to be one of the two or three fastest-growing career fields in the entire world. Becoming a software engineer is very likely to bring a lifetime of lucrative, prestigious and secure employment.

Get The Right Education!
Millions of jobs were lost in the recent recession. The economic recovery is turning that around, but those seeking to benefit from it don’t just need an education – they need the right education. Degree and certificate programs in fields like nursing, project management and software engineering allow entry into the hottest careers of the next decade. Find the credentials that can change your life at USNewsUniversityDirectory.com!

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