ERRA Incorporated "The Clean Technology Company" Appoints Retired USAF Lieutenant General Robert R. Dierker as its Chief Operating Officer

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ERRA Incorporated, San Antonio, Texas, announced today that it has appointed General Robert R. Dierker, a retired United States Air Force three-star general, as its first Chief Operating Officer (COO).

USAF Lieutenant General Robert R. Dierker / Photo provided courtesy of the United States Air Force

In my opinion, this company has the potential to finally break the grip of big oil and positively shift the world’s energy markets toward clean, renewable, and sustainable energy like no other company that has come before it,” says General Dierker.

ERRA Incorporated, San Antonio, Texas, announced today that it has appointed Lt. General Robert R. Dierker, a retired United States Air Force three-star general, as its first Chief Operating Officer (COO).

“We are absolutely delighted to have Bob Dierker on board with ERRA. Bob has already served his country with a distinguished career as a military officer. Now he will be an invaluable asset to ERRA’s growth, both domestically and internationally. Bob Dierker possesses very strong leadership skills, has vast experience in taking R&D from concept to deployed technology, has been involved in the successful negotiation of several international treaties, and communicates a strong interest in eliminating America’s dependence on foreign oil. He’s a perfect fit for our company’s philosophy and culture,” says ERRA’s board chairman, Bernard Reznicek, the former president and CEO of Boston Edison and Omaha Public Power.

“Following our acquisition of Ergenics Corporation of Ringwood, New Jersey, ERRA is now in the process of commercializing several proprietary and patented clean, environmentally friendly energy technologies which promise to decrease the world’s dependence on petroleum and other fossil fuels. Bob Dierker’s global experience gives him a unique perspective on the need for reducing such dependence. Current instability in the largest of the oil-producing regions of the world is among the most imminent threats to U.S. national security, as well as energy and economic independence. Bob Dierker believes strongly in the national effort to create an alternative source of power generation, storage, and delivery, especially in our nation’s transportation sector, as well as our commercial and residential markets. Much more than launching just a leading alternative clean energy company, we at ERRA are working to avert an otherwise inevitable confrontation, or at the very least an intensified international competition for limited resources,” says James Hogarth, ERRA’s CEO.

“There were several compelling factors which ultimately brought me to ERRA, the most persuasive of which was the company’s impressive portfolio of clean energy technologies. In my opinion, this company has the potential to finally break the grip of big oil and positively shift the world’s energy markets toward clean, renewable, and sustainable energy like no other company that has come before it,” says General Dierker. He points to ERRA’s battery as its primary focus, which he believes will quickly establish ERRA’s role as a major presence in the marketplace. Known as the YESS, or “Your Energy Storage Solution” Battery, this unique technology possesses "game changing" attributes, including an unmatched number of charge/discharge cycles, high power and energy density, low maintenance, 100% dischargeable, tolerance to both over-charge and under charge, as well as unparalleled safety attributes. Perhaps the most important attribute of the YESS battery is that it will be cost competitive with lead acid batteries on a life cycle cost basis!

Already engaged in leading the effort to commercialize ERRA’s technologies, Dierker announced that the YESS Battery will be in commercial production within a year and will be targeted for the emerging electric and hybrid electric vehicle markets; uninterruptible power supply for the grid and non-grid connected telecommunications markets; wind and solar energy storage (which make this technology fully dispatchable for the first time); utility load-leveling; as well as material handling and mobility markets. The YESS Battery will enter commercial production with between 90Wh/kg to 125Wh/kg depending on application, packaging and voltage requirements.

ERRA’s new COO also announced the company’s intention to further develop it's other patent protected technologies based on its reversible metal hydrides. These include heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) as well as refrigeration systems that can be operated at up to a 60% savings over conventional compressor-driven systems while eliminating harmful and expensive refrigerant gases.

Other technologies on his agenda to bring to market will be a revolutionary heat engine that can produce low cost, zero emission electricity anywhere there is a low grade waste heat stream or a temperature differential of 25 degrees C; a smart fire sprinkler system that automatically shuts off when the surrounding fire has been extinguished, a hydrogen compressor, and finally an affordable integrated package capable of making any residential, or one or two story commercial building completely independent of the grid!

While in the military, General Dierker served as the Deputy Commander of the United States Pacific Command. He entered the Air Force in 1972 as a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy. General Dierker served in various operational and staff positions in the United States, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Europe.

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ERRA Incorporated Logo (TM)ERRA Incorporated "The Clean Technology Company" Trademark 2010 ERRA Incorporated. All rights reserved.ERRA will soon become a leader in electrical energy storageIn addition to ERRA becoming a leader in electric vehicle and plug in electric hybrid batteries, the company will also focus on numerous electrical energy storage applications, such as: telecommunications infrastructure; power networks and their backup systems; wind and solar energy storage, which make this technology fully dispatchable for the first time; utility load-leveling; and uninterruptible power supply systems. The YESS battery has an energy density of between 90Wh/kg and 125Wh/kg depending on application, packaging and voltage requirements with commercial production projected within the next year. ERRA's YESS (Your Energy Storage Solution) BatteryThe ERRA YESS (Your Energy Storage Solution) Battery is 100% environmentally friendly and has a very high energy density of between 90Wh/kg and 125Wh/kg depending on application, packaging, and voltage requirements with commercial production projected within the next year.ERRA's YESS (Your Energy Storage Solution) Battery has numerous consumer applicationsSoon available in sizes from AAA, AA, A, C, D, 9V and cell phone batteries, the YESS (Your Energy Storage Solution) Battery has numerous consumer applications. With very high energy storage capacity comparable to lithium ion batteries and a consumer price comparable to advanced lead acid batteries, the YESS Battery has the prospect of displacing other battery technologies.ERRA will manufacture a full line of efficient, 100% electric, battery powered vehicles!ERRA will manufacture a full line of 100% electric battery powered vehicles ranging from sports cars, family sedans and coupes, trucks, sport utility vehicles, delivery vans and transit buses up to 35 feet in length. Through the use of ERRA's proprietary battery technology coupled with it's proprietary high strength, low weight composite body structures, they will build affordable vehicles that are equal to or superior to comparable internal combustion engine vehicles in cost and performance. ERRA battery powered electric vehicles will be affordable with a competitive initial cost, a much lower operating cost, a lower cost to maintain and a higher retained value than comparable vehicles. The ERRA battery powered electric vehicles will meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).President Bush uses ERRA's Hydride Storage Vessel To Power A Video CameraAn ERRA hydride storage vessel supplies hydrogen to a Jadoo Power Systems' fuel cell which powers this video camera demonstrated by President Bush. Further, two of ERRA's miniature hydrogen storage units were on-board the Cassini space probe and performed flawlessly.ERRA's Hydride Heat Engine PrototypeElectricity from hot water? Absolutely! This simple ERRA hydride heat engine prototype starts generating electricity the moment the hydride heat exchangers are dipped into hot and cold water.ERRA's Small Powerful Hydride Heat Engine PrototypeStrong motion from warm water? Absolutely! This simple, small, powerful ERRA hydride heat engine uses warm water to drive a piston that exerts a force greater than a man can hold back with his hands.ERRA's Water Pump PrototypeBased on the ability through reversible metal hydride alloys to compress hydrogen, ERRA's hydride water pump uses the energy from solar heated water, without the use of expensive photovoltaic cells, to operate a well in Del Rio, Texas.The 21st Century Business Television Series Has Selected ERRA For An Upcoming SegmentJL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions said "In our search for companies with innovative solutions that will drastically change the way we live our lives, ERRA, Inc. stood out as a unique company. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program." 21st Century Business airs on CNBC and the Fox Business Network. The series is also available at more than 90 prestigious college' and universities including Carnegie Mellon University, Howard University, Dartmouth College and Georgetown University. Look for ERRA's segment to be available following it's taping during March of 2010.Green Energy News says through ERRA's combined technologies, "around-the-clock renewable energy would be possible."Green Energy News features ERRA's acquisition of Ergenics, Inc. saying "Combine the solar thermal energy collection system with the reversible hydride heat engine and the YESS battery and around-the-clock renewable energy would be possible."Best Battery Ever? New YESS Battery Being Touted as Just ThatThe Battery Times, brought to you by "The World's Largest Site For Batteries" has featured the Yess (Your Energy Storage Solution) Battery (TM)from ERRA as potentially "The Best Battery Ever."EV World's Founder & Publisher Bill Moore writes about ERRA and it's CEO James HogarthERRA Battery Remember the record breaking Solectria Sunrise that Jim Worden and his crew at Solectria built in the mid 1990s? No sedan-sized battery electric car yet has come close to its 375 miles on a single charge, though a pair of Aussies driving a Tesla Roadster from Darwin to Adelaide came closest at 313 miles during one of their legs. Well, one of the principles behind the development of the Sunrise was James Hogarth, then with Boston Edison. He was instrumental in laying the groundwork and overseeing the development of the car, though not without controversy and conflict, as recounted in Joe Sherman's book, Charging Ahead. Jim eventually retires from Boston Edison and gradually began work on a new electric vehicle venture called ERRA, which has quietly kept a low profile as he picked up the threads of where the Sunrise left off. He recently made news by announcing the development of a new Nickel-Hydrogen battery that he thinks can compete with lithium and cost around the same as an advanced lead-acid battery. Equally important, it can be deep cycled 100%-0% SOC thousands of times without degradation, at least that's the claim. You can read more in ERRA's press release. I called Jim during a brief plane change he was making in Atlanta to learn a bit more. He explained the unique properties of their battery design, which is a hybrid of sorts. The hydrogen is stored in a separate solid-state hydride material. When a load is applied to the battery, the hydrogen flows from the adjacent canister into the reactor, creating a current. Recharging the battery, drives the hydrogen out of the reactor and back into the hydride. A early prototype battery sat on a shelf for six years, but remained fully charged and ready to provide power, Hogarth told me. It all sounds very promising, especially his projection that the battery, which is of a bipolar configuration producing 1.2V per cell, can provide the same energy storage capacity as comparable lithium battery but without the complex electronic controls and at a price competitive with advanced lead acid batteries. While we await the debut of EEStor's ESS, maybe ERRA's YESS will prove more tangible.ERRA's Metal Hydride Air ConditionersERRA continues it's breakthroughs in stationary and mobile air conditioners powered only by exhaust heat. Fully scalable from the size of a paper clip up through multi ton commercial units. The pictured unit operates at 8,000 BTU/h at 47F using only exhaust heat and is only 13 lb! 26" wide by 4.75" deep by 4.75" high. Efficiency is on the order of 1BTU of cooling for each 3BTU of heat input.ERRA's "Smart Sprinkler" Temperature Sensor ActuatorERRA has developed an on/off fire sprinkler that will reliably, repeatedly and quickly provide a large amount of water on a fire and will automatically turn off the water when the fire is extinguished. The sprinkler is based on metal hydride sensor/actuator technology.ERRA's Cold Start Rapid HeaterERRA / Ergenics has developed a cold start rapid heater that simplifies the cold start heating function for automobile catalytic converters. Using the energy storage capabilities of metal hydride alloys, the Hydride Cold Start Heater (CSH) has significant advantages over other emission reduction technologies. This invention was a finalist in the 1996 National Medal Of Technology Award sponsored by Discover Magazine which is the highest honor awarded by the President of the United States of America for technological innovation.ERRA's Metal Hydride AlloysERRA has developed special patented metal alloys that have the remarkable ability to absorb and store large quantities of hydrogen. Hydrogen (H2) is the most plentiful element in the universe. It has the highest energy per unit of weight of any chemical fuel and is non-polluting. As a compressed gas or cryogenic liquid, it is quite volatile and requires special handling. The hydrogen can be released (desorbed) as a gas and the alloy is returned to its original state. These "metal hydrides" provide a safe and efficient "solid state" approach to hydrogen energy storage. In addition, the energy implications of this continuously repeatable phenomenon are the basis for a wide range of commercial products.