Panamorph Brings Digital Cinema Home

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New lens technology enables 3D compatible image projection over ten feet wide with no black "letterbox" bars.

Panamorph FVX200J lens on JVC DLA-HD550 Projector

It's like watching a huge flat panel display with no black bars ...

Panamorph, Inc. today announced its new FVX200 lens system for plug and play performance with industry leading digital home theater projection systems, delivering images far larger and more immersive than those created by today's flat panel displays. By supporting the full 2.40:1 aspect ratio of most major motion pictures - the same used in commercial cinemas - the FVX200 eliminates the black "letterbox" bars seen on LCD, LED and plasma displays and recreates the full digital cinema experience in the home.

"Today's home cinema just doesn't get any better than this," commented John Schuermann, Panamorph's V.P. of Marketing. "The FVX200 combined with today's 1080p projectors actually delivers higher resolution than most commercial digital cinemas because of the anamorphic widescreen enhancement process. Most people don't realize that they aren't experiencing true HD when viewing widescreen motion pictures on a 16:9 flat panel display because a full 25% of the screen is wasted on those annoying black bars. That's why the highest end home theaters use anamorphic widescreen projection systems to properly display major motion pictures on a wider 2.40:1 screen. But the reality is that high quality anamorphic lens technology has just been too expensive and complicated for most consumers. The high performance and ease of installation of the FVX200 changes all that."

As the world leader in anamorphic projection lens technology for home use, Panamorph heavily partners with consumer projector manufacturers to promote the anamorphic process. By incorporating the proper anamorphic scaling modes into today's digital projectors it is now possible to easily recreate the widescreen process originally developed by the film industry. "It used to be that high end anamorphic projection involved the installation of multiple components to achieve the full widescreen cinema effect," added Schuermann. "With our new designs each specific model of our FVX200 lens system attaches to the projector with just two screws. And with most projector manufacturers now including the various anamorphic modes, switching between different formats is usually just a matter of pushing a button.

Panamorph's first customized version of the new lens is the FVX200J, specifically designed for JVC's popular digital home theater projectors. "The FVX200J combined with our projectors breaks the true home cinema market wide open for the masses," commented Dan McCarron, JVC's National Product Manager for the Consumer Display Division. "People can now get full 1080p presentations of the biggest blockbusters on huge 2.40:1 projection screens for less than $10,000, and that includes the projector, screen, and lens."

"The FVX200J truly changes the fundamental paradigm for home theater," added Ryan Gustafson, President of screen manufacturer Screen Innovations. "When people see the performance of Panamorph's lens system on JVC projectors combined with our contrast-preserving Black Diamond II screens in the full 2.40:1 format of digital cinema there is just no going back. It's like watching a huge flat panel display with no black bars either in your home theater or your living room."

The FVX200J ($2,995 MSRP) is based on Panamorph's patented anamorphic lens technology for the highest contrast and image clarity plus is fully compatible with all currently proposed 3D projection technologies. Panamorph will be developing additional FVX200 models in partnership with other projector manufacturers throughout 2010. Panamorph products are available only through qualified custom home theater installers. For further information contact Panamorph at 719-266-2680 or

Panamorph is the most recognized and recommended anamorphic lens brand in the digital projection industry. Our history began with home cinema purists demanding high performance, affordable lens systems to duplicate the dramatic imaging process that had been used by the commercial film industry for over fifty years. Blending a thorough understanding of the limitations of older lens designs with innovations stemming from thirty years of experience in high end optical design and manufacturing, Panamorph's patented hybrid cylindrical/prism lens systems are ushering in the new age of home cinema experience that must be seen to believed.


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