Experts Establish 'Fraud Forensics' Team

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A group of experts in their respective fields has joined forces to create Fraud Forensics, an organization dedicated to obtaining justice for clients abused by the courts through a multifaceted strategic campaign involving litigation support, expert testimony, forensic analysis and public relations management.

“This has been a long time coming; so many families are suffering and corruption is rampant,” said founder and Executive Director Jill Jones-Soderman LCSW, MSHS, a psychotherapist, author and forensic expert.

A group of experts in various fields announced Monday the formation of the Fraud Forensics team, an organization dedicated to effectively obtaining justice for victims of the courts while publicizing corruption, fraud and deceit through various media.

“This has been a long time coming; so many families are suffering and corruption is rampant,” said founder and Executive Director Jill Jones-Soderman LCSW, MSHS, a psychotherapist, author and forensic expert. “The cases and situations which we intend to focus on as experts in forensics involve the review, analysis, navigation, planning, legal research, strategy design, mental and emotional evaluations, analysis of the court room dynamics - with each client receiving individual attention and customized strategies for success.”

The Fraud Forensics team supports its clients through legal research, accurate assessment of interventions, assistance in navigating cases, referrals, advocating causes, psychotherapeutic support, filing complaints against corrupt, inept, unethical, professionals and generally working to raise the bar of judicial practice to a scientific and trustworthy standard. The organization consists of a network of professionals in psychoanalysis, forensics, social work, media, the courts and law.

Fraud Forensics uncovers the fraud, sedition and judicial corruption in government, courts and the political establishment - and helps to do something about it. Using legal experts and even teams when necessary, Fraud Forensics provides a unique service in the battle against a corrupt system. Its consultants have helped many parents gain access to the courts and effectively fight for their rights on constitutional grounds and by exposing the system's own errors.

The group assists clients who are representing themselves, people who are tired of lawyers taking their money and doing nothing or making their cases worse, as well as those who can no longer afford competent, effective counsel. Fraud Forensics does occasionally use and refer clients to attorneys, but this is not always the best recommendation.

Public scrutiny of issues is crucial to the Fraud Forensics mission. “Another aspect of our work involves publicizing corruption and fraud wherever it is found,” said Paul Symons, the executive director of publications for the team and a consultant with public relations firm Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc. “Our press releases and information campaigns are part of an effective strategy to shed light where it is sorely needed, with solutions tailor-made for each case.”

Internationally acclaimed experts have celebrated the Fraud Forensics announcement and agreed to support the team. “Forensic Experts who are fighters for the civil rights, parental rights, mental health and clinician expertise, such as myself, applaud the opening of this unique organization which openly describes and discusses the abuses of the judicial system and its minions,” said Dr. Monty Weinstein, Psy.D., one of the foremost forensic experts in the field. “People such as Jill Jones-Soderman and this group stand in the way of horrific events and are usually zealously attacked by jurists and mindless bureaucrats who have an equity interest in maintaining and enhancing their careers, often at the expense of those most vulnerable and innocent, so Fraud Forensics is desperately needed in this dark, little-known world.”

Fraud Forensics, PLLC maintains a Web presence at, but the site is still under construction. To contact Fraud Forensics directly, please call (212) 996-1910, or write to 10 Cornelison Ave., Nyack, NY, 10960.


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